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Enterprises around the World Select Salesforce CRM over Microsoft

Companies including Comcast-Spectacor, JVL Corporation, and Milestone Systems choose Salesforce CRM over Microsoft CRM to accelerate growth with socia

Companies including Comcast-Spectacor, JVL Corporation, and Milestone Systems choose Salesforce CRM over Microsoft CRM to accelerate growth with social, mobile and real-time CRM

SAN FRANCISCO – Jan. 17, 2011 – [NYSE: CRM], the enterprise cloud computing company, today announced enterprises around the world are choosing Salesforce CRM over Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Companies like Comcast-Spectacor, JVL Corporation, and Milestone Systems are selecting the industry leading Salesforce CRM to accelerate business growth using social, mobile and real-time customer relationship management.

Comments on the News
• “We’re standing witness to a CRM revolution,” said Alex Dayon, executive vice president of CRM, “Cloud 2 unleashes the true potential of CRM by transforming every aspect of the customer interaction. Salesforce CRM is the only customer relationship management app built for Cloud 2 and liberates enterprises from the cost and complexity of software so they can realize tremendous success.”
• “Comcast-Spectacor’s services touch millions of fans across the U.S. so we need more than a pretty interface to Outlook to run our business,” said Mark DiMaurizio, vice president of technology solutions, Comcast-Spectacor. “With Salesforce CRM, not only do we have current world class CRM functionality, but we know going forward with strategic vision, we will always be enabled with the tools and functionality therefore allowing our resources to focus on maximizing profitability through our sales, service and marketing activities.”
• “With so many diverse divisions under the JVL Corporation umbrella, an out of the box software solution was not going to work for us,” said Peter Guterres, CEO, JVL Corporation. “We chose Salesforce CRM over Microsoft Dynamics CRM because we needed an app that had the capability and openness for large-scale customization and modification. Microsoft CRM wasn’t able to compete on those terms or provide the open integration strategy especially.”
• “The security industry is rapidly growing and Milestone Systems is at the forefront of this expansion,” said Peter Grandt, manager of sales and marketing systems, Milestone Systems. “We chose Salesforce CRM over Microsoft because we needed a modern application that would enable us to quickly respond to the market opportunities. With Salesforce CRM, we were able to preserve our business processes and invest the resources in fueling our growth globally.”

Enterprises Embrace Proven Path to Success in the Cloud with Salesforce CRM
As enterprises increasingly choose the cloud to run their business, many legacy software vendors, like Microsoft, have resorted to marketing themselves with the cloud mantra. An increasing number of progressive companies recognize that cloud cover for what it is and are choosing the innovative breakthroughs of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Chatter and the proven advantages of the enterprise cloud computing platform over products offered by Microsoft.

• Comcast-Spectacor – A leader in the sports management industry, Comcast-Spectacor owns the Philadelphia Flyers (NHL), and the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA), as well as the home of the two teams, the Wells Fargo Center. The Philadelphia-based sports and entertainment firm standardized its operations on Salesforce CRM over Microsoft to create more innovative and immersive sales and renewals programs and better connect with customers in social communities like Twitter as well as focus its resources on proactive revenue generation versus technology maintenance.
• JVL Corporation – Founded more than 25 years ago in Toronto, Canada, JVL began as a small coin-operated machine repair service that quickly grew into a fully synthesized engineering company, evolving into a development and manufacturing outfit of products for the amusement industry. Today, JVL sets the standard with its entire catalogue of products, from HD casual games to fully-integrated touch-screen entertainment systems where games and music meet. JVL a pioneer behind the creation of JVL MOBI that has given birth to multiple casual games and has seen success in the form of more than 3 million downloads on Apple iTunes selected Salesforce CRM over Microsoft to drive its growth.
• Milestone Systems – The leading global developer of open platform software for managing IP network-based video surveillance, Milestone Systems is in the rapidly growing security industry. Milestone chose Salesforce CRM over Microsoft CRM to support this growth in the cloud. Due to the overwhelming demand, the Denmark-based Milestone has more than 75,000 customer installations worldwide across industry sectors.

Salesforce CRM is the only CRM app built for Cloud 2, the next generation of cloud computing that is social, mobile, and real-time. Unlike legacy CRM systems that function as passive warehouses of data, Salesforce CRM with Chatter delivers better customer insight – to improve win rates, bolster customer service, and increase revenue. With Chatter Mobile, every Salesforce CRM user is empowered with social, real-time collaboration on the go whether they are using an iPad, iPhone or BlackBerry device. And with Jigsaw, companies can now automatically cleanse existing data, convert incomplete contacts into fresh leads, and identify duplicate and obsolete data.

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