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Salesforce’s 92,300 customers will have real-time access to the 26 million accurate business contacts in the Jigsaw Data Cloud directly within Salesfo

Salesforce’s 92,300 customers will have real-time access to the 26 million accurate business contacts in the Jigsaw Data Cloud directly within Salesforce CRM

Jigsaw’s 1.6 million community members deliver crowd-sourced business contact data with unmatched accuracy, helping customers boost productivity and increase revenue

SAN FRANCISCO – May 10, 2011 – [NYSE: CRM], the enterprise cloud computing ( company, today announced the release of Jigsaw 2 which instantly brings the benefits of accurate business contact data from the Jigsaw Data Cloud to all Salesforce customers. Jigsaw data will now be seamlessly integrated into Salesforce CRM, allowing Salesforce customers to boost sales and marketing effectiveness with real-time access to 26 million business contacts and more than 4 million company profiles.

Jigsaw 2 Benefits

• The Jigsaw Data Cloud will be the only cloud service that offers accurate data updated in real-time that is tightly integrated with CRM, giving a unique advantage to sales and marketing professionals using Salesforce CRM.

• Salesforce customers now have unlimited access to more than 4 million company profiles and the ability to search across all 26 million contact records. Complete contact data including phone and email information is available for an additional $99 / user / month. In addition, the Jigsaw community adds 36,000 new contacts and updates an additional 12,000 existing contacts daily—improving lead quality through real-time clean data.

• With this new release, Salesforce customers can acquire Jigsaw user licenses then simply have system administrators “turn Jigsaw on,” allowing users to immediately start accessing complete contact details for over 26 million accurate business contacts.

• Jigsaw’s social community data model naturally supports’s Cloud 2 vision for social, mobile and open technologies by allowing individuals to collaborate on business contact information, access Jigsaw data through mobile applications and build on Jigsaw through its open API.

• Jigsaw 2 accelerates CRM adoption by having quality lead data and accurate contacts that further enhances the value of Salesforce to sales and marketing professionals.

Comments on the news
• “Jigsaw 2 gives Salesforce customers something no other CRM solution can match, seamless and instant access to the industry’s most accurate business contact data,” said Brett Queener, executive vice president, Chatter and Emerging Products. “Jigsaw combines a massive community of users with the cloud, transforming the data industry by bridging crowd-sourced data into the social enterprise.”
• “Data is critical to the success of any CRM deployment, so having real-time access to Jigsaw to update records is very powerful,” said Michael Rogan, business intelligence manager with Lenovo. “Our marketing thrives on Jigsaw data with sales reps penetrating accounts three times faster with access to the right contacts.”
Pricing and Availability

Jigsaw 2 will be available in June 2011.

Salesforce customers will be able to access complete company profiles and basic contact data at no additional charge. Complete contact data is available for an additional $99 / user / month.

Supporting Resources
• For more information on Jigsaw, please visit: Jigsaw at
• Follow us on Twitter with @Jigsaw

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