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Hospital Housekeeping Systems Deploys Custom iPad Applications Built on to Workers at 140 Hospitals

Mobile quality assessment app automates service performance tracking; Bed management app dramatically improves real-time visibility, patient throughpu

Mobile quality assessment app automates service performance tracking; Bed management app dramatically improves real-time visibility, patient throughput, and clinical outcomes

SAN FRANCISCO, May 11, 2011 – [NYSE: CRM], the enterprise cloud computing ( company, today announced the success of Hospital Housekeeping Systems (HHS) in using Cloud 2 technologies to bring the power of social, mobile and open cloud computing to its business. A long time Salesforce CRM customer, HHS is using, the industry’s leading cloud platform-as-a-service to deliver custom applications to manage and enhance the services it delivers at 140 hospitals in the U.S. The applications automate quality assessment for management and staff using iPad and iPod touch devices, provide real-time visibility into hospital activity improving patient throughput and clinical outcomes, and ultimately impact the hospital’s bottom line. Apps Give HHS a Competitive Advantage
Using the platform-as-a-service, HHS has built two custom applications:

Mobile quality assessment tracking application:
• With a prototype built in just two weeks by HHS, this mobile app enables shift managers to track employee performance, patient satisfaction and log maintenance requests.
• Previously these processes were done using paper forms, making it challenging to compare which teams were performing well with those who weren’t.
• Viewing real-time dashboards from on the iPad, mobile workers can show trends and relative performance by facility, team and shift to hospital leadership. HHS uses these metrics as a competitive differentiator when selling its services to new hospitals.

BedWatchTM a custom bed management application:
• HHS built this innovative app to track patient flow through a hospital following an exhaustive search for an existing system that didn’t uncover an adequate solution.
• The bed management app automates the status of hospital rooms through integration with the hospital’s admission system, pagers and a phone voice response system. For example, when a patient is discharged, the app automatically changes the status of the room to dirty, and pages the attendant on duty. When the attendant begins cleaning the room, they use any phone to call the IVR, changing the status to cleaning in progress. They call again when finished cleaning, updating the status to ready. Each department involved in the process has a real-time listing of all rooms, color-coded by status, and continually refreshed with timestamps to track how long it takes to turn over a room.
• Building and running the app in the cloud on gives HHS an advantage over competitors who offer similar applications built using traditional client/server software which can be complicated to use and inflexible to specific hospital requirements.

HHS Uses Proven Cloud Apps from Salesforce to Manage De-centralized Workforce of 5,000
As the industry’s largest privately-held, acute-care services provider that also delivers support-service solutions to healthcare facilities, HHS has been using Salesforce CRM successfully since 2001 for the marketing and sales of its services to hospitals.

Salesforce and custom apps are used widely across HHS’ organization, including its accounting, finance, payroll, employee relations and recruiting, IT and operations departments. For example, its employee relations department has built a custom app to track workers’ compensation claims, liability claims, and other human resource-related information.
Comments on the news:
• “ not only enabled us to manage our business effectively in the cloud, but also to apply true innovation to how we deliver our services to hospitals,” said Steve Jourdan, CIO, Hospital Housekeeping Systems. “The apps we’ve built on the platform-as-a-service have given us a distinct competitive advantage and opened up new business opportunities for us.”

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