Digital Transformation Delivers Real-Time Communication for the Social Enterprise with Chatter Messenger and Chatter Screensharing

New Chatter Messenger to provide social enterprises with instant messaging and presence in the context of business – completely in the cloud

New Chatter Screensharing will enable employees to share their screens in real time in Salesforce Chatter – now every group, file, record and dashboard is an opportunity to collaborate live with colleagues and increase productivity and engagement

Any company can use Salesforce Chatter, including Chatter Messenger, for free by signing up at

More than 150,000 active Salesforce Chatter networks have been created by companies like ADP, Nikon Instruments and Pandora, making it the industry’s leading enterprise social network

LONDON — CLOUDFORCE 2012 – May 22, 2012 — [NYSE: CRM], the enterprise cloud computing ( company, today unveiled real-time communication for the social enterprise with Chatter Messenger and Chatter Screensharing. Chatter Messenger is the world’s first real-time communication solution for the social enterprise that will enable companies to have in-context conversations on one trusted platform. Chatter Screensharing will enable employees to share screens and presentations instantly with their colleagues, increasing employee productivity and engagement. And because of Salesforce Chatter’s freemium model, now any company will be able to use Chatter Messenger for free by signing up at Today there are more than 150,000 active Salesforce Chatter networks, including companies like ADP, Nikon Instruments and Pandora, making it the industry’s leading enterprise social network.

Comments on the News:
? “Salesforce Chatter is the engine of the social enterprise – unleashing the power of employee engagement, innovation and productivity for companies,” said Kendall Collins, SVP and GM, Salesforce Chatter. “Chatter Messenger and Screensharing deliver Skype-like real-time technologies directly in the Salesforce Chatter feed – empowering companies to run their entire business on one trusted platform.”
? "Since we started using Salesforce Chatter over two years ago, it’s become the killer app to manage one client’s work across eight regional offices. Chatter Messenger and Screensharing will provide the real-time communication that our client group has been looking for. With every new release of Salesforce Chatter, our team is able to work more efficiently, thanks Salesforce!" said Jonathan Zimmerman, director of digital technology and innovation, Saatchi & Saatchi.
? “Chatter Messenger and Screensharing will empower employees to have real-time conversations around any process. Since conversations are the foundation of many social relationships, this rich new approach will enable companies to get more done, faster and with greater certainty. These innovations continue to position Salesforce Chatter as a trusted and proven platform," said Denis Pombriant, managing principal, Beagle Research Group.

Chatter Messenger: Real-time Communication for the Social Enterprise
Every business is looking to increase productivity and efficiencies by enabling company-wide collaboration. Traditional collaboration technologies have failed to deliver on the promise of a connected enterprise. Instead, email, file management systems, messaging platforms and more have created islands of collaboration – preventing enterprises from reaping the benefits of true collaboration.

Salesforce Chatter eliminates islands of collaboration by enabling employees to work together on sales deals, service cases, marketing campaigns, files, dashboards – any business process – on one, trusted platform. Chatter Messenger will extend the benefits of employee social networks to secure, real-time, in-context communication. Employees will now be able to instantly connect and collaborate with colleagues by leveraging:
? Instant Messaging: Chatter Messenger represents the first secure, cloud-based communication solution for employees. No longer will employees have to download unsecure consumer IM applications and spend time building buddy lists. And IT will no longer have to implement on-premise IM solutions with expensive hardware and software to manage. With Chatter Messenger, employees will be able to chat instantly with their colleagues completely in the cloud, and IT will be able to easily deploy a secure, cloud-based communications solution for free. In addition, employees will be able to keep chatting – even when they minimize or visit another webpage by putting Chatter Messenger into a separate browser window.
? Individual and Group Chat: With Chatter Messenger, employees can have one-to-one or multi-person chats with anyone on Salesforce Chatter. For group chat, users can add up to 10 people to a single chat session.
? Presence: With presence, employees will be able to see which of their coworkers are online in Salesforce and instantly connect through Salesforce Chatter. Employees won’t have to spend time tracking down colleagues; all of the information they need is at their fingertips in Salesforce Chatter.
? Chat Roster: Chatter Messenger automatically populates each employee’s chat roster with the employee’s social graph. Users can also add up to 100 people and groups to their "My Favorites" list and these will always appear at the top of the chat list.

Chatter Screensharing: Share Screens Instantly in Salesforce Chatter
When words aren’t enough, Chatter Screensharing will extend real-time communications by enabling employees to share anything on their screens instantly with their colleagues directly from a chat session.

Leveraging group chat and Chatter Screensharing, employees will also be able to instantly launch meetings and presentations with key teams and groups. With Chatter Screensharing, every conversation and meeting can now take place in Salesforce Chatter, all in the context of a company’s social process.

Salesforce Chatter: The Leading Enterprise Social Network
Salesforce Chatter is at the heart of the employee social network, empowering employees and making business processes social. With Salesforce Chatter, employees can access the collective knowledge of the organization, connect with coworkers, share files and conversations, and work more effectively. In less than two years, more than 150,000 active Salesforce Chatter networks have been created by companies like ADP, Nikon Instruments and Pandora, making it the industry’s leading enterprise social network. And Salesforce Chatter’s freemium model allows any company to experience the power of an employee social network for free by signing up at

In a survey of more than 5,500 customers, Salesforce Chatter users reported a 33 percent increase in employee productivity, 34 percent increase in employee engagement and satisfaction, a 29 percent increase in innovation and idea generation, 26 percent reduction in email usage and a 25 percent reduction in meetings. Salesforce Chatter is transforming companies and how people get work done.

Pricing and Availability
? Chatter Messenger is currently scheduled to be generally available in June 2012. Chatter Messenger will be free for all Salesforce customers, including customers.
? Chatter Screensharing is currently scheduled to be available as a limited pilot in Q3 of 2012.
? Customers who purchase technologies should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

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