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MuleSoft Unveils Next Generation Integration Platform for the New Enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 3, 2013 – MuleSoft, provider of the world”s most widely used integration platform, today unveiled its Anypoint Platform, realizing its vision for the New Enterprise with the easiest and most complete way to connect any application, any data source and any API, across the entire cloud and on-premise continuum. Companies can no longer compete with just the assets, technology and talent within their four walls. In the era of the New Enterprise, companies must combine an explosion of applications, data, partners and customers into a single, high performing entity. The New Enterprise is hyperconnected, and open APIs are the catalyst for this revolution. The Anypoint Platform enables companies to win in this new era, by easily connecting disparate SaaS, mobile and on-premise systems, within and across organizations. The newly released APIkit, Anypoint Service Registry and Anypoint API Manager complete the Anypoint Platform to give organizations a clear path to build, sell and innovate as the New Enterprise.

“The cloud, mobile and Big Data era has ushered in an opportunity to create new competitive advantages based on integration. Along with this new era, there comes confusion about how to integrate these fragmented endpoints to create that advantage,” said Carl Lehmann, analyst with 451 Research. “Hybrid cloud integration architecture is emerging as a means to standardize practices and consolidate the technology needed to integrate on-premise IT systems and cloud services. Organizations will seek offerings, like those from MuleSoft, that can manage integration equally well on either side of the firewall.”

Connect to Win

The rise of APIs has created a common language for the New Enterprise. The number of open APIs has doubled every year, growing from just a few in 2005 to over 13,000 today, and into the hundreds of thousands in the next 5 years. The API phenomenon is creating a hyperconnected world, as well as creating new channels and business strategies for enterprises. This New Enterprise requires a new kind of platform to support the creation and management of APIs, connectivity between APIs, as well as to drive developer adoption, community and monetization for APIs.

With the Anypoint Platform, MuleSoft delivers a complete integration experience that eliminates the pain and cost of point-to-point integration, connecting the New Enterprise and unifying business processes across applications, data sources and APIs. The Anypoint Platform enables a path to the New Enterprise, no matter where an organization is along the continuum toward the cloud. The platform includes open source Mule ESB; CloudHub integration platform as a service (iPaaS); the newly released APIkit, Anypoint Service Registry and Anypoint API Manager; APIhub, the #1 platform for driving the API ecosystem; as well as Mule Studio, a single graphical development environment for developing integration applications either on-premise or in the cloud.

“Box”s open platform enables customers and partners to quickly and seamlessly integrate a proven content collaboration service directly into their own applications,” said Chris Yeh, vice president of Platform at Box. “We share a common vision with MuleSoft to connect businesses to their content at scale, transforming innovation for the New Enterprise.”

“MuleSoft’s New Enterprise vision is supporting NCR’s hardware-enabled, software-driven strategy and enabling us to extend our leadership in consumer transaction technologies,” said Eli Rosner, Vice President, Global Software Engineering, NCR Corporation. “A dramatic shift is happening today as consumers demand seamless interactions with the companies they do business with, regardless of industry, channel, device or location. MuleSoft’s integration platform is helping NCR lead this revolution across multiple industries to make everyday transactions easier for businesses and their customers.”

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform – Blueprint for the New Enterprise

Built as an integrated set of products, the Anypoint Platform is a next generation integration platform that allows companies to connect and transform their business into a New Enterprise. The introduction today of APIkit, Anypoint Service Registry and Anypoint API Manager complete the Anypoint Platform, creating the blueprint for the New Enterprise. Users can leverage any or all parts of the platform as needed as the specific requirements of their business and IT environment evolve.

  • Anypoint technology – Eliminates costly, time-intensive point-to-point integration, enabling business agility for SaaS companies, system integrators and enterprises of all sizes
  • Leading platform for solving the integration pain across the entire cloud and on-premise continuum
    • ​CloudHub – The most widely used integration platform as a service (iPaaS), offering the easiest way for enterprises to integrate SaaS applications with each other or to on-premise applications, as well as allowing SaaS providers to build and offer packaged integration applications that automate business processes across applicationsMule ESB – The world’s most widely used integration platform for connecting enterprise applications on-premise and to the cloud, eliminating the need for custom point-to-point codeAnypoint Connectors – Out-of-the-box connectivity to hundreds of enterprise and SaaS applications
  • Comprehensive API Solution – Built on top of the CloudHub iPaaS, a comprehensive solution for designing, building, publishing, securing, managing and monetizing internal services and external APIs, as well as engaging the developer community around APIs:
    • APIkit – New open source API design toolkit that helps developers generate consistent APIs that adhere to best practices, eliminating uncertainty and friction in creating new APIsAnypoint Service Registry – Announcing general availability today, the first cloud-based service registry and the easiest way for the New Enterprise to govern and manage all of their internal services and APIs, both on-premise and in the cloud
      • ​Complete visibility into your service ecosystemLocation transparency for flexibility and agilityConsistent enforcement of policies and contracts ensures complianceGranular control over service lifecycle mitigates risk and reduces downtime
      Anypoint API Manager – Newly released as beta today, this cloud-based API management service allows enterprises to connect with business partners and create new revenue channels through a secure and scalable API strategyAPIhub – The most comprehensive public repository and richest community for APIs, which allows developers and enterprises to discover and use over 13,000 APIs, and enables API providers to publish and document APIs, engaging the developer community on an open, collaborative platform
  • Unified development experience – The easiest and most accessible way to build integration applications for deployment either on-premise or in the cloud
    • Mule Studio – Graphical design environment for creating integration flows, making any developer into an integration developerAnypoint DataMapper – Simple yet powerful graphical data mapping and transformation, enabling point-and-click data integration for SaaS and on-premise applicationsAnypoint Connector DevKit – Developer toolkit that allows developers to build Anypoint Connectors from any API in hours or days, not weeks

​”Underlying all of the mega-trends and changes in the enterprise are APIs, which leverage Web standards to create a common language for the New Enterprise,” said Ross Mason, CTO and founder of MuleSoft. “The next wave of innovation relies on how easily these applications connect to each other, and APIs are powering that hyperconnectivity. Today, organizations must connect to survive. The Anypoint Platform enables this connectivity, allowing enterprises to take advantage of the explosion of endpoints and data generated by the diverse set of best-of-breed applications powering their businesses.”

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About MuleSoft

MuleSoft provides the most widely used integration platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise. With the rise of cloud and mobile, enterprises face a choice: become overwhelmed by the resulting explosion of endpoints or seize the opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Founded on the idea that connecting applications should not be hard, MuleSoft helps organizations harness the power of their applications through integration. MuleSoft”s Anypoint™ Platform eliminates costly, time-intensive point-to-point integration and creates business agility. Delivered as a packaged integration experience, MuleSoft’s products are built on proven open source technology for the fastest, most reliable integration without vendor lock-in. Supporting billions of transactions per day, MuleSoft is used in production by thousands of enterprises, including Walmart, MasterCard, Nokia, Nestlé and Honeywell, and powers integrations with leading SaaS vendors such as, NetSuite, Workday, Intuit and Box.

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