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Salesforce Launches Salesforce Shield–New Salesforce1 Platform Services Empower Businesses to Build Trusted Apps Fast

With Salesforce Shield, companies with compliance or governance requirements as well as businesses in regulated industries can now quickly build apps

With Salesforce Shield, companies with compliance or governance requirements as well as businesses in regulated industries can now quickly build apps with auditing, encryption, archiving and monitoring services delivered via the Salesforce1 Platform

Salesforce Shield extends to all native Salesforce1 apps across the Salesforce ecosystem, providing customers with a single platform for delivering compliance capabilities

First Data and Genomic Health are using Salesforce Shield to build trusted appsSAN FRANCISCO–July 14–Salesforce [NYSE: CRM], the Customer Success Platform and the world’s #1 CRM company, today launched Salesforce Shield, a new set of Salesforce1 Platform services that include Field Audit Trail, Platform Encryption, Data Archive and Event Monitoring. Now, companies with compliance or governance requirements, or businesses in regulated industries can build trusted cloud apps fast–using clicks, not code. Leading organizations such as First Data and Genomic Health are using Salesforce Shield today to build trusted apps.

Comments on the News:
? “While many companies are leveraging the cloud to build apps at the speed of business, those in regulated industries have struggled to take full advantage of the cloud due to regulatory and compliance constraints,” said Tod Nielsen, executive vice president of Salesforce1 Platform, Salesforce. “With Salesforce Shield, we are liberating these IT leaders and developers, and empowering them to quickly build the cloud apps their businesses need, with the trust Salesforce is known for.”

? "As a leading payments technology company serving millions of business owners around the globe, First Data adheres to rigorous federal and international compliance standards,” said Steve Petrevski, senior vice president of Technology, First Data. “Salesforce1 Platform allows us to incorporate compliance capabilities into our apps to better serve the needs of our global client base.”

? “Salesforce Shield is going to provide a significant contribution to our infrastructure as we continue to enhance our systems and processes to support the growing demand for our products and services,” said Paul Aldridge, chief information officer, Genomic Health. “The new platform allows us to transition more of our business into the cloud environment, utilizing Salesforce technology to continue delivering practice-changing information to deliver care for cancer patients around the world.”

? “Businesses struggle with balancing the speed of innovation that cloud platforms offer with compliance needs due to the lack of tools in existing platforms,” said Larry Carvalho, PaaS research manager, IDC. “The new capabilities in Salesforce Shield should help remove obstacles for IT organizations to create a new generation of cloud apps that meet company and industry requirements.”

? “As businesses in regulated industries move more data to the cloud, they need a holistic way of managing and tracking that data,” said Michael Markham, chief technology officer, Conga. “Salesforce Shield lets customers manage their data across apps in the Salesforce ecosystem without having to build or buy additional point solutions for each app.”

Now Every Company Can Build Trusted Cloud Apps Fast
Every industry is in the midst of an app revolution, and companies are turning to cloud platforms to help them deliver high-quality apps quickly. According to IDC, the number of enterprise apps designed for mobile devices is expected to quadruple by 2016. But in their rapid transformation into app companies, businesses also need to ensure they are complying with internal governance policies and industry regulations. Until now, businesses often were required to develop or integrate compliance features on their own, compromising innovation and speed.

Now, with Salesforce Shield, IT departments and developers are empowered with drag-and-drop tools to quickly create trusted cloud apps with auditing, encryption, archiving, and monitoring built in, all delivered on the proven Salesforce1 Platform. Salesforce Shield includes:

? Platform Encryption: Previously, companies would need to spend three to six months building out hardware and software to implement encryption. Now, because Platform Encryption is native to the Salesforce1 Platform, customers can easily designate sensitive data to be encrypted while preserving important business functionality like search and workflow. For example, a health insurance company can manage designated personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), without compromising the ability of customer service agents to search, view, modify, or run workflows and other key functions using that data. Agents can now search claims, determine coverage eligibility, and approve payments with enhanced security while delivering great customer service.

? Data Archive: The explosion of data creation is forcing companies to think differently about storage options. Instead of storing large amounts of historical data that does not need to be accessed regularly in Salesforce or moving data to another location, companies can now keep their data in “nearline storage,” an option that provides fast access at reduced cost, on the Salesforce1 Platform. Using Data Archive, customers can store long-lived business data in the Salesforce1 Platform, while still benefiting from maximum app performance and data availability. For example, hospitals are required to store patient data for decades, but they can transfer that patient data into nearline storage and access it via simple queries when necessary.

? Field Audit Trail: Businesses desire certainty that their data is accurate, complete and reliable, enabling them to meet stringent industry regulations. With Field Audit Trail, customers can track changes at the field level for up to ten years and set different policies for each Salesforce object to ensure data is purged when no longer needed. Life sciences companies running clinical trials in Salesforce, for example, can now maintain a complete audit trail of patient data so they can safeguard the integrity of clinical trial results and comply with FDA regulations.

? Event Monitoring: Event Monitoring gives businesses unprecedented visibility into how their applications are being used and by whom. IT organizations can use Event Monitoring to see which users are logging into Salesforce, what information they are accessing, from where, and through what channel. Not only can companies now better understand how their Salesforce apps are being utilized, they can also monitor if users download large amounts of data that might put their business at risk. For example, wealth management firms can use Event Monitoring to determine whether financial advisors are capturing the right client data in Salesforce. In addition, they can also determine if an employee is unnecessarily downloading sensitive customer information, pinpointing the exact time and location of that event.

Extending to all Native Salesforce1 Apps
Salesforce Shield also extends to the entire Salesforce partner ecosystem. Because it is part of the Salesforce1 Platform, now any app built natively on the platform can tap into its capabilities. Salesforce Shield empowers independent software vendors (ISVs) and systems integrators (SIs) alike to create an entirely new generation of apps that address corporate governance and industry requirements, and market and sell them on the Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s largest business app marketplace.

Leading Global Companies Build Apps Faster with the Salesforce1 Platform
With the Salesforce1 Platform, companies can transform IT departments into centers of innovation and leapfrog the competition. Powered by the world’s #1 PaaS, leading brands like First Data and Genomic Health are building apps faster than ever before. With more than four million apps and two million developers, the Salesforce1 Platform is the trusted and proven platform for innovative companies around the world. The more than 4,100 customers that participated in a survey commissioned by Salesforce reported 52 percent faster application deployment, 50 percent faster new application design, 52 percent faster application configuration and 42 percent decrease in IT cost using the Salesforce1 Platform.

Pricing and Availability
? Salesforce Shield will be priced at a percentage of a customer’s total Salesforce product spend. Customers can purchase components of Salesforce Shield together or individually.
? Field Audit Trail, Event Monitoring, and Platform Encryption are generally available today; Data Archive is expected to be generally available next year.

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