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Ricoh Australia to Reduce IT Development Time with Reusable APIs

SYDNEY – March 2, 2017 – MuleSoft, the leading platform for building application networks, today announced that Ricoh, a global technology company, has implemented MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to support its services-led, customer-first strategy. Anypoint Platform™ will enable Ricoh to automate access to critical business data and rapidly share it across the organisation to increase operational efficiency and, as a result, accelerate the delivery of new innovations to transform the way people work.

Ricoh Australia selected MuleSoft to accelerate its delivery of new product offerings to its growing customer base, including government, corporate and professional print organisations. The Ricoh Company, Ltd. has just under 110,000 employees and sales of 2,209 billion yen globally and MuleSoft will play a critical role in helping support Ricoh’s overall plans for growth in Australia and across the globe.

Anypoint Platform Fuels Self-Service, Driving Global Collaboration, Reducing Redundancy and Accelerating IT Delivery Time

Ricoh Australia selected MuleSoft because of the company’s unique approach to integration centered around reuse and collaboration, and Anypoint Platform’s built-in capabilities including Anypoint Exchange, a fully integrated center for publishing and accessing reusable internal and public assets. By taking an API-led approach to connectivity and productising APIs to MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange, Ricoh Australia will enable different IT systems to connect and communicate by increasing the speed of integration and supporting collaboration across the global organisation and its external partners.

“We turned to MuleSoft because we needed a way to be more efficient and collaborative. MuleSoft”s Anypoint Platform had many features that were key differentiators, including Anypoint Exchange,” says Jim Berne, General Manager of Information Systems at Ricoh Australia. “Anypoint Exchange will enable us to easily automate data exchange across all of our systems, without losing security or control. By taking an API-led approach on this project and future projects, MuleSoft will help drive faster business outcomes and help promote reuse across our global organisation.”

Already in use in the United States by a Ricoh business partner, Anypoint Platform will enable Ricoh’s Australian operation to reuse prebuilt patterns, assets and templates, speeding up development processes and ensuring code consistency and integrity. At the same time, Ricoh Australia will leverage Anypoint Platform to create productised APIs to move faster and avoid data duplication and manual maintenance, reducing costs as well as potential human error. Data will be able to be moved from different systems with little manual overhead, while ensuring security and control.

New IT Operating Model Enables Ricoh to Deliver New Innovative Workforce Solutions Faster

With MuleSoft, Ricoh Australia’s Technology and Innovation team can transform its role from a central delivery function to an enabler of reusable assets that allow line of businesses (LOBs) to self-serve. By reducing the time spent on backend legacy systems and providing LOBs with productised APIs and templates that are discoverable and reusable in Anypoint Exchange, the Technology and Innovation team will have more time to focus on enabling the delivery of innovative products to its customers. Ricoh Australia plans to enhance service desk integrations for customers and iterate new product offerings more quickly.

“Our previous technology stack, based on bespoke coding, was creating a backlog of data requests and projects. MuleSoft is enabling us to build reusable and consumable APIs that will help us reduce data requests and deliver products to market more quickly than our competition. Our entire business will benefit from the speed and agility we’ll be able to achieve with the application network we’re building,” says Berne.

Initially, MuleSoft will be deployed within the organisation’s IT automation area in the support of migrating data in and out of its service billing system. Ricoh Australia plans to leverage MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform in the future to support the deployment of a new Sitecore-based personalised web content management platform.

“We’re very excited at the opportunity which MuleSoft brings to supporting our move to a digital business while driving efficiency and best practice IT in the 21st century,” says Berne.

About Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ is a leading solution for API-led connectivity that creates an application network of applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud. This hybrid integration platform includes iPaaS, ESB, and a unified solution for API management, design and publishing.

About MuleSoft

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