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Modern Work

‘They Leave Me Speechless’: How Salesforce’s Trailblazer Community Helped One Woman Recover from a Traumatic Brain Injury

Benioff Ocean

Stakeholder Capitalism

Marc and Lynne Benioff Give $60M to Expand Efforts at Benioff Ocean Science Laboratory


Salesforce Boosts Visibility for Accessible Experiences on AppExchange

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence: Casting a Vision for a Better Future

Salesforce Tower Floor

Real Estate

The Next Chapter in Salesforce’s Healthy & Sustainable Real Estate Journey

Fujitsu logo

Salesforce Partners

Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan Collaborate on Personalized Healthcare Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce Launches MuleSoft B2B and B2C Integration with AI to Enhance End-to-End Order Lifecycle Management

Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce Introduces Public Sector Einstein 1 for Service: Trusted AI and Automation Capabilities That Drive Efficiencies for Government Agencies

Health and Safety

Salesforce Introduces Marketing and Commerce Cloud Features Designed to Deliver Secure, Personalized Digital Health Experiences

Customer Success

How Three Companies from Radically Different Industries Are Humanizing the Customer Experience with Salesforce

Safety Cloud helps bring people back together safely

Modern Work

Salesforce Launches Safety Cloud to Help Businesses and Communities Get Together Safely


Tableau Pulse Now Available, Bringing a New Era of Generative AI-Powered Insights