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Digital Transformation

Forging the Fastest Path to Digital Transformation with Salesforce Industries

Last year global digital revenue grew by 71%, and while the pandemic has only accelerated this digital growth, companies still struggle to find the time to build digital solutions to adapt and capitalize on changing demand.

Take the retail industry for example; in our recent Q2 2020 Shopping Index we found that brands and retailers embracing digital-first experiences trends saw tremendous upsides. Sites running online ads or curbside pickup options saw digital revenues grow by 127% year over year. Meanwhile, sites that operate physical stores but did not offer a pickup option only grew by 54%. On top of that, our customers see 26% higher average order value in their digital shoppers who click on Einstein-powered product recommendations. 

The upsides of going digital are easy to see, but the act of actually creating industry specific digital solutions, is not. 

Historically, customizing apps and solutions has been a costly, time-consuming and challenging task. In today’s world of accelerating digital transformation, we know that companies simply can’t afford that.

As a result, we’ve built the fastest path for a broad spectrum of organizations to pursue their own unique route through digital transformation.

We call this Salesforce Industries, a suite of products tasked with applying the strength of the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform to deliver out of the box industry clouds that speak the language of our customers in that industry. Within our line-up of 12 industry-specific clouds, you will find new, enhanced products developed by leaders and experts from those respective industries. In addition, we offer hundreds of pre-built, industry-specific components and tools that can help you move to digital fast. 

  • Communications Cloud
  • Energy & Utilities Cloud
  • Media Cloud

For example, few industries understand the challenges associated with digital transformation quite like the Media Industry. Profound shifts in media consumption habits have driven media companies to pursue subscription-based models to generate revenue and redefine their relationships with customers. With our new Media Cloud offering, service providers can quickly develop, launch, and manage subscription bundles to create more personalized customer experiences. On top of that, media-specific data models and pre-built downloadable processes can help media companies guide subscribers to relevant products while delivering effective customer support. In this sense, Media Cloud, like our 11 other industry clouds, becomes a one-stop-shop for solving many of the issues companies currently face within their respective industries.

Our goal is to help companies build tailored solutions for nuanced, industry-specific challenges and ultimately reimagine business potential through the full spectrum of Salesforce offerings.

Our desire to help customers navigate the Salesforce portfolio to address their specific challenges inspired us to create Salesforce Industries. It’s about simultaneously simplifying the solution and making it hyper-relevant to a specific industry need. At the core of Salesforce Industries, there are three key pillars that can help companies develop solutions and offerings:

1. New industry clouds and enhancement of existing clouds

As mentioned by our Industries CEO, David Schmaier highlighting our recent acquisition of Vlocity, we’re introducing four new clouds for customers in communications, media, energy and utilities, and the public sector, providing purpose-built apps and industry-specific data models all built on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform.

2. Deep industry-specific partnerships and product experts with over 700 pre-built industry processes right out of the box

For every industry, we work with leading industry-specific partners so that we’re not building in silos and can build better solutions together. When it comes to out-of-the-box solutions, Communications Cloud, for example, gives providers a set of tools to create seamless conversations with prospects across every channel and simply the prospect journey as they convert into a customer. Even then, once a prospect converts into a customer, the industries solution can help drive efficiency and improve customer satisfaction with AI-fueled decision making assistance.

3. Our commitment to the whole industry paradigm

With our Industries offering, we don’t want to just solve issues from a SaaS infrastructure perspective, we want to completely reimagine how to solve issues from the root using the full range of Salesforce offerings — from AI to Many to Many Exchanges, like Philanthropy Cloud, and everything in between.

That’s what makes our Industries offering so special; by consolidating these 12 industries into one platform, we can take best practices and learnings from each industry and explore how those best practices apply to new problems within different industries. Whether it’s helping communications players accelerate their go-to-market timelines and improve the customer support, or helping media companies deliver transcription bundles for excellent customer experience, Salesforce industries can help organizations create and deploy game-changing solutions in weeks instead of years. 

With Salesforce Industries, we’re excited to partner with companies across industries as they reimagine their businesses and the respective challenges that keep them up at night.

Like a suit that fits just right, our solutions are tailored to instill confidence and put your business in the best position to succeed. 


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