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Customer Success

With Salesforce, Kraft Sports and Entertainment Delivers Winning Fan Experiences

Kraft Sports and Entertainment (KSE), which oversees marketing, sales, content development, and event operations for the New England Patriots, New England Revolution, and Gillette Stadium, is using Salesforce to break down data silos, foster collaboration, and create more personalized sales and service experiences.

Why it’s important: The implications of an integrated customer experience aren’t trivial. Research shows that 83% of customers say they’re more loyal to companies and brands that provide consistency across departments.

The Salesforce solution: KSE’s sales and service teams lacked a single, shared view of their more than 15 sources of customer data across multiple divisions and departments. This hindered their ability to provide the memorable experiences that MVP fans expect. 

  • Now, using Salesforce’s unified platform, KSE can power more connected and personalized fan and partner experiences, putting their customers squarely at the center of their business.


  • With Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, KSE is maintaining, managing, and strengthening relationships with their fans in one single source of truth that captures ticket sales, ad space purchases, suite reservations, and other fan interactions to allow for better, more informed outreach.
  • Previously, a fan looking to buy tickets might have gotten three calls: one for Patriots tickets, one for a luxury suite, and another for a stadium event package. 
  • Now, every KSE team has access to the same fan and partner data to sell smarter and more collaboratively. 
  • And, once a customer has purchased tickets, reps now use AI and automation tools to offer useful products like parking packages or food and drink deals. 

What’s the impact:

  • With faster, easier data access, it now takes 64% less time for KSE to build a sales proposal. The team also has greater visibility into its sales pipeline.
  • Rather than building outreach lists and spreadsheets from scratch, sales reps can now access pre-populated targeted customer segment lists to make calls and emails faster and more frequently. In just 18 months, KSE has executed over 1,000 outreach campaigns.

The customer perspective:

  • “In today’s new digital world, everyone wants to feel that they are connected to something bigger than themselves, and I am looking to Salesforce to help me stay close to my customers.” – Robert Kraft, Chairman and CEO, The Kraft Group
  • “We engage with six million customers in our database. That’s one of the reasons Salesforce has been so incredibly important to us. It’s powering our ability to not only get a complete view of them, but to be a true customer company.” – Jen Ferron, Chief Marketing Officer, Kraft Sports and Entertainment

I am looking to Salesforce to help me stay close to my customers.

Robert Kraft, Chairman and CEO, The Kraft Group

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