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Salesforce Debuts “Backup and Restore” to Guard Business Data Against Mishaps and Mayhem

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This week at Dreamforce, Salesforce announced Backup and Restore, a new data recovery service native to Salesforce Platform. Built with ease of use in mind, Backup and Restore automatically creates backup copies of business data, empowering any organization to restore data and recover, in just a few clicks, from even worst-case scenarios. 

In the age of remote work, business data is more dispersed than ever, touching every corner of our digital HQs and home offices. As companies double down in the pursuit of digital transformation, it’s created a renewed focus on mitigating data loss caused by system failures, human error, and cyberattacks. 

To learn more about the launch, we spoke with Marla Hay, Salesforce’s VP of Product Management, for more details on Backup and Restore and why all companies must prioritize resilient data backup and recovery plans as part of their digital transformation journey.


Q. What features will Backup and Restore ship with at launch? 

Backup and Restore will launch with a host of features that balance the priorities of data protection with flexibility and ease of use. 

For example, customers will be able to automate daily backups of standard objects and custom objects in Salesforce. Customers will also be able to restore backed-up data into orgs, automatically delete old backups after designated time intervals, and perform high-level audits on who is initiating, modifying, or running backups. 

And of course, all data backups will be encrypted at rest and in transit. 

Q. Where does a service like Backup and Restore fit into a businesses’ data security strategy? 

Any security expert would tell you it’s not a matter of if, but when, a company’s security posture will be tested. An effective backup and recovery service can turn an incident from an existential crisis to a speed bump on the way to business continuity. 

Our goal with Backup and Restore is to automate that process and make it simple — empowering any customer to step into a time machine with just a few clicks and get their data back, even in a worst-case scenario. 

Q. How is Backup and Restore different from Salesforce Data Recovery service?

We co-designed Backup and Restore with our customers, focusing on the needs of a modern, connected, and distributed enterprise: ease of use, agility, and productivity. Backup and Restore empowers any admin or business user to be their company’s “resilience hero,” giving them everything they need out of the box — e.g., encrypted backups at enterprise speed and scale — to take control of their organization’s business continuity plans. 

Anyone who’s ever restored a smartphone knows data backup and recovery can be a long, tedious process. Writ large, that loss of productivity can severely impact an organization’s everyday agility — particularly if IT is backing up corporate data as often as it should (e.g., all the time). 

Backup and Restore gives customers the tools to create and restore comprehensive backups with just a few clicks, all within Salesforce, rather than waiting weeks for a .csv file that then requires days to re-load.

Q. How does Backup and Restore differ from existing ecosystem solutions? 

Salesforce customers enjoy the benefits of a rich partner ecosystem. 

But we’ve spent a lot of time listening to our customers, and it became clear many of them were specifically looking for native backup and restore solutions that delivered the performance, speed and scale — not to mention ease of use — they’ve come to expect from the Salesforce Platform. 

Backup and Restore is a direct response to that demand that will continue to provide additional ways to innovate and extend the solutions found throughout our ecosystem.

Q. How often do your customers find needing to restore data?  What are the situations they often find themselves in to need to restore that data?

We know that, in addition to that peace of mind in case of a ransomware attack, customers also have a need for Backup and Restore in cases like accidental data deletion or modification. Data doesn’t live in a silo and integrations are an easy way to modify data incorrectly. 

Customers want the peace of mind in knowing they can restore their data to the way it was with just a few clicks.

For more details on Backup and Restore click here

Backup and Restore is expected to become generally available November 2021. Reach out to your account team for additional details. 


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