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AI Cloud: A Guide to Salesforce’s Trusted, Open, and Business-Ready GPT-Powered Applications

Editor’s Note: AI Cloud, Einstein GPT, and other cloud GPT products are now Einstein. For the latest on Salesforce Einstein, go here.

AI Cloud is built for CRM to supercharge customer experiences and company productivity by bringing together AI, data, analytics, and automation to provide trusted, open, real-time generative AI that is enterprise ready. 

Salesforce now brings the power of generative AI to deliver trusted, AI-created content across every sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interaction to boost productivity and efficiency.

For more details on how Salesforce is bringing trusted generative AI technology to its apps, platforms, and workflows, click on the relevant product section:

Sales GPTService GPT
Marketing GPTCommerce GPT
Slack GPTTableau GPT
Flow GPTApex GPT
Skill Up on AI with Trailhead

Sales GPT

Sales GPT-generated sales email.

Sales GPT delivers trusted AI so organizations can unleash growth now. With generative AI and all data on a single platform, sellers can transform how they work to sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Use case: Sellers can quickly auto-craft personalized emails tailored to their customer’s needs. Personalization is informed by CRM data, freeing sales reps to focus on building relationships, closing business,and driving revenue.

Find out more about Sales GPT here.

Service GPT

Service GPT and Field Service GPT use real-time data from Data Cloud, coupled with trusted AI capabilities, to help service teams spend less time on mundane tasks and more time building customer loyalty – at scale.

Use case: Service teams can leverage generative AI capabilities to automatically create service briefings, case summaries, and work orders based on trusted case data and customer history, saving teams’ time to focus on delivering exceptional service experiences.

Clara Shih, Salesforce’s CEO of AI, shares 3 ways generative AI will reshape customer service.

Marketing GPT

Marketing GPT empowers marketers to deliver personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences across every touchpoint with generative AI and trusted first-party data from Data Cloud.

Marketing GPT empowers marketing teams to harness trusted generative AI to supercharge their productivity and deliver unparalleled personalization on a massive scale using first-party data in Data Cloud.

Use case: Marketers can swiftly generate audience segments, leveraging natural language prompts and AI-driven recommendations for enhanced targeting. This ensures the right messages and offers reach the right people at the right time, and with pinpoint accuracy, to create meaningful customer connections that drive results.

Stephen Hammond, Salesforce’s GM of Marketing Cloud, shares 3 things marketers can do faster with generative AI.

Commerce GPT

Dynamic product descriptions from Commerce GPT.

Commerce GPT enables companies to deliver customized commerce experiences at every step of the buyer’s journey with auto-generated recommendations, content, and communications based on unified real-time data from Data Cloud.

Use case: Brands can automatically tailor product descriptions to each buyer based on their customer data and meet their commerce goals with GPT-guided recommendations. For example, how to unload last season’s inventory or increase average order value.

Learn more about Commerce GPT here.

Slack GPT

Slack GPT allows users to experience conversational AI natively in Slack, transforming how work gets done.

Use case: With Slack GPT, users can build no-code workflows that embed AI actions with simple prompts at each step, making it easy for anyone to deploy AI automation.

Learn how the new Slack Platform will turbocharge automation and AI at work.

Tableau GPT

A glimpse of Tableau GPT in action.

Tableau GPT enables everyone to tap into generative AI to better understand and interact with their data in a trusted and secure way. Users can surface insights in a conversational manner by simply asking questions, which helps power smarter data experiences.

Use case: With Tableau GPT, a sales leader can generate visualizations based on natural language prompts that display real-time progress against their quota, along with recommendations for helping them meet goals.

Francois Ajenstat, Tableau’s Chief Product Officer, on how generative AI will level the data playing field.

Flow GPT

Flow GPT generates workflows from a text prompt – user types “Send an email to a group when an opportunity is won.” Flow GPT then tells the browser what to click on and what to enter into the Flow Builder user interface.

Flow GPT allows customers to use generative AI capabilities to create workflows from a single text prompt.

Use case: With Flow GPT, users can create a workflow using natural language prompts that notifies a sales rep when a lead is converted to an opportunity.

Learn more about Flow GPT here.

Apex GPT

Einstein GPT Code Completion in VS Code

Apex GPT enables developers and IT teams to accelerate software development and elevate developer productivity. They can also kickstart development by generating intelligent Apex or LWC code using natural language.

Use case: Developers can code faster by using Apex GPT to scan for code vulnerabilities and suggest inline code – right from the Salesforce integrated development environment.

Learn more about Developer GPT here.

Skill Up on AI with Trailhead

Salesforce’s free online learning platform, Trailhead, has introduced new learning content to help anyone develop and advance their AI skills.

The new Get Started with Artificial Intelligence trail includes topics like the fundamentals of AI, data analytics, how to create ethical AI systems, and more – helping anyone succeed in the changing landscape of AI-driven work.

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