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Salesforce Introduces Datorama as Part of Marketing Cloud

We’re excited to announce today at DMEXCO, one of the largest and most influential marketing technology conferences in the world, that Datorama is now part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Datorama enables companies to bring together all of their marketing data from different channels, campaigns and regions to unlock insights and take action on all marketing activity. With Datorama, customers, including brands and agencies, can understand the effectiveness of their marketing investments and optimize in real-time.

With nearly 7,000 marketing technology solutions available to marketers, the majority of companies use numerous products for different marketing objectives. As a result, they struggle to get a holistic view of their marketing efforts. Commonly, marketers manually stitch together different reports from disparate solutions, attempting to build a single view of marketing performance. Other marketers have given up consolidating campaign information from various applications altogether. With Datorama, marketers are finally able to gain insights across all of their marketing in one place, and take control of marketing performance to drive ROI.

How does Datorama work? Datorama offers an expansive library of marketing APIs and AI-powered connectors called TotalConnect and LiteConnect that automatically interpret and classify marketing data, as well as other types of data like sales, weather, economic or survey information. Together, they instantaneously capture all campaign data from any source–including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics and many more, such as paid and organic search and social, display and video advertising, programmatic, television and offline data. From there, Datorama surfaces insights about different marketing campaigns in a single visual dashboard, highlighting what campaigns are working and those that are not. Marketers and their agencies can customize the dashboard based on their KPIs and audience segments, which will signal AI-powered recommendations and critical alerts.

“Datorama helps Land O’Lakes centralize our marketing data on one platform, enabling us to understand how our digital advertising campaigns are performing in order to drive better results for our business and our customers,” says Spike Therrien, Data Analyst, Land O’Lakes, Inc. “We’re excited about the future of Datorama and Salesforce Marketing Cloud as we continue to pursue better and faster analytics to help us deliver on our mission to feed human progress.”

“Datorama is instrumental in helping us deliver impactful marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients such as entertainers or sports teams, to our fans and for our business around the world. With Datorama, we’re able to centralize all of our marketing data in one place so that we can quickly and easily optimize our marketing investments, and deliver exceptional reporting back to our clients,” says Mike Silver, VP, Agency Marketing Operations at Ticketmaster. “By acquiring Datorama, Salesforce will be able to deliver comprehensive marketing analytics on a single platform.”

“Datorama is the standard for media analytics and reporting, and consistently raises the bar for what’s possible and scalable for our clients, such as Toyota Europe, Lexus Europe and Bridgestone Europe,” says Ross Barnes, Global CTO at m/Six. “It’s a mission-critical solution that is able to pull different data sets together from separate marketing tools and reveal insights in a way that we can understand and act on. We’ve benefitted from the platform’s agility to continually meet our client’s evolving needs while driving more than 50 percent better efficiency in our operations, so our experts can spend the most time gaining insights and making intelligent recommendations to our clients. We couldn’t be happier to see Datorama as part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a leader in digital marketing.”

“Datorama’s machine learning capabilities, which analyze data files and automate data cleansing and modeling, are important assets and are crucial to the creation of the next-generation 360-degree customer view”, said Keith Dawson, Principal Analyst at 451 Research. “Heavy on automation, Datorama’s expertise should accelerate the addition of data sources to Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, and perhaps facilitate the creation of prebuilt workflows and processes for budgeting and coordinating across media channels and app ecosystems.”

Today, Datorama is delivered as a separate product, but in the future, it will be integrated directly into Marketing Cloud and serve as the single source of truth for understanding and analyzing marketing performance for our customers. Looking ahead, Datorama will also natively connect with other types of types of data within the Salesforce Customer Success Platform–including 1st party CRM data and more.

Join Salesforce and Datorama at DMEXCO

Salesforce and Datorama will be at the Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference (DMEXCO) in Cologne, Germany from September 12 – 13th.

  • Find the Salesforce booth in Hall 6, stand C011.
  • Find the Datorama booth in Hall 8, stand E047.
  • Attend Salesforce’s session: “Shoptimism: The New Retail Therapy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” on September 13th at 1:30 p.m. local time at the Debate Stage in Hall 6.
  • Attend Datorama’s session: “Leverage AI and Real-Time Marketing Power to Drive Growth–A Brand Perspective” on September 13th at 4:00 p.m. local time in Seminar 4.

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