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Salesforce Introduces Trailhead for Slack, Delivering Learning and Enablement in the Digital HQ

Quick take: As the way we work continues to change, and the Salesforce ecosystem accelerates in growth, so does the demand for the digitally skilled workers required for businesses to succeed. Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform, provides an equal pathway for anyone to learn the skills needed for this “digital imperative.” With the launch of Trailhead for Slack, Salesforce powers a new way for companies to enable their teams to skill up directly in their Digital HQ.

Search Trailhead or myTrailhead content and seamlessly share with fellow Trailblazers in your workspace.

Over the last year and a half, Salesforce became a digital lifeline for companies looking to accelerate their digital transformation. And for many, Slack became their digital HQ: a place to connect teams, customers, and partners on a single platform to make hybrid work easy and flexible.

Today, Salesforce announced new capabilities that integrate Slack across Salesforce’s products and industry solutions, including Trailhead for Slack.

Now, with Trailhead for Slack, companies can drive enablement, onboarding, and reskilling in new channels for on-the-job learning from anywhere.

Now, with Trailhead for Slack, companies can drive enablement, onboarding, and reskilling in new channels for on-the-job learning from anywhere. With a simple Slack slash command, employees can discover and share relevant Trailhead content, accelerate their learning with reminders and recommendations powered by Einstein, and track progress with favorited and assigned content — all without ever leaving their digital HQ.

Individual learners can also share knowledge with Trailblazer Community members in shared workspaces, and teams can suggest relevant learning content to skill up together. In addition to discovering free content from Trailhead, the app allows customers to share their own custom content from myTrailhead, making it easier to onboard new employees consistently and quickly skill up employees on specific processes and products.

View in-progress, favorited, recommended and assigned learning content to keep learning in the flow of work.

Generally available now on desktop and mobile, Trailhead for Slack features include:

  • Trailhead Search Slash Command: Learners can search, share, and favorite Trailhead and myTrailhead content with a simple slash command to skill up in the flow of work.
  • Recommended Learning: Trailblazers can discover new skills with Einstein-powered personalized content recommendations directly in the Home Tab.
  • Home Tab: Individuals can view their learning at a glance including Trailblazer rank, favorited, in progress, recommended and assigned learning.

Empowering Trailblazers to succeed from anywhere has never been more important. With Trailhead for Slack, individual learners, Trailblazer Community members, and myTrailhead customers can seamlessly access the learning they need right from within their digital HQ.

Additional information

  • Trailhead for Slack is available now on the Slack App Directory
  • Watch the Dreamforce Trailhead Episode – Be a Trailblazer: Skill Up and Connect from Anywhere – on Salesforce+.

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