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Salesforce Launches First Accessibility Support Team

At Salesforce, we believe that businesses can be powerful platforms for social change, working towards Equality for All. Disability Inclusion is fundamental to this belief. Developing accessible products that allow all individuals to succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem is a top priority. And, today — we are pleased to announce the creation of our brand new Accessibility Support Team, a team that will create incredible support experiences for customers seeking to build accessible environments on the Salesforce platform.

The launch of this team is part of our broader Disability Employment Awareness Month efforts and an important milestone in our disability inclusion journey. In this all-digital, work-from-anywhere world, equal access to technology is more essential than ever before. Nearly 1 billion people worldwide have a disability, and we are committed to building a better Salesforce that works for everyone. 

We’re proud to have a strong focus on equality and inclusion for our Trailblazers with disabilities.

Jim Roth, EVP of Support, Salesforce

“We have an important duty to ensure every single Salesforce customer and partner gets the support they need from Salesforce,” said Jim Roth, EVP, Support at Salesforce. “We’re proud to have a strong focus on equality and inclusion for our Trailblazers with disabilities. Partnering with the Office of Accessibility in this way furthers our vision of providing a support experience that is personal and effortless. We are committed to continued disability inclusion and look forward to growing this team to help our customers.” 

The creation of this team started with a vision from Abilityforce, our employee resource group for people with disabilities and their allies, as well as commitment from our Support leaders and execution from our newly founded Office of Accessibility. This new team will serve as the connectors between our customers and product teams to provide support with product accessibility and assistive technology.

Our Accessibility Support Engineers are experts in accessible technology, including WCAG standards and Section 508, along with being Certified Salesforce Administrators. They have extensive experience with Assistive Technology, JAWS Certification, and a solid understanding of how Salesforce operates with screen readers on both desktop, and mobile devices. And, while US based, they are able to support customers in English, globally.

While we are early in this journey, the Accessibility Support Team is a critical step in helping customers build accessible environments on the Salesforce platform. As we grow, we look forward to expanding this support to other languages, regions, and channels.

Accessibility Resources

Get Started with Web Accessibility: Learn more about accessible Salesforce design, testing, and development best practices, as well as other resources.

Find an answer in help: For general questions about accessibility features that affect end users, start by searching for an answer in our help documentation.

Report an issue: If you’ve found an accessibility issue you’d like to report or simply need additional customer support, follow the appropriate steps to create a support case.  Be sure to select the ‘Disability and Product Accessibility’ Topic, and that will ensure your case reaches the Accessibility Support Team.

Check on Accessibility Status: The results of Salesforce product accessibility audits are available on our product accessibility status page.

Learn more about Salesforce’s approach to web accessibility here


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