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Digital Transformation

The Municipality of Rome Launches Smart Citizenship Platform with Salesforce


Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, today announced that the Municipality of Rome has chosen Salesforce to create an Integrated Citizen Relationship Management platform.  

Why it’s important: By bringing together Rome Municipality’s 15 city halls and many public administration services, the platform will help the Municipality build a digital-first, human-centric relationship with its three million citizens.

With a unique digital identity, and from any device, citizens can log into the MyRhome online portal and access local public services (including from academic institutions), submit and track inquiries, and monitor progress on interactions.

Driving the news: Leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud will deliver omni-channel self-service capabilities, seamless collaboration between local government departments, and empower citizens to receive the information they need faster through AI-powered chatbots.

The launch of the MyRhome platform is another step on the Municipality’s path to creating a “smart city” — an ecosystem of public and private stakeholders serving citizens wherever they are.

What they’re saying: Paola Di Maio, CRM and Innovation Manager Municipality of Rome, said of the platform: 

  • “Rome lives for its citizens, but also for tourists, investors and stakeholders all over the world. Taking care of these relationships is at the heart of everything we do. Serving our citizens digitally is enhancing the quality, accessibility and speed of government administration for all.”
  • “Digital Innovation is not just reinventing how the Municipality operates, for example in terms of reducing maintenance costs and boosting our sustainability efforts. It is continually reimagining our approach to administration.”
  • “We are excited to partner with Salesforce to make the city of Rome a ‘platform city.’ This smarter, flexible platform will make our citizens’ lives easier and services ever more customized, and local government more effective for everyone.”

The Salesforce perspective: Federico Della Casa, Senior Vice President, Salesforce Public Sector Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa (SEMEA) said of the platform: 

  • “Amid the accelerated adoption of digital technologies, increasingly governments around the world recognize the need to bring government and citizens together and embed resilience into everything they do.” 
  • “The Municipality of Rome’s new CRM strategy demonstrates the power of private and public sector collaboration to provide a key resource for citizens who require easy access to information regarding their city’s programs and services.”
  • “Enabling the Municipality of Rome to better understand and respond to their citizens’ needs, through flexible and personalized service wherever they are will make the citizen journey fit for an all-digital world.”

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