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3M Selects Philanthropy Cloud for Community Impact, Employee Experience Efforts

The pandemic has shifted how companies think about philanthropy, heightening their awareness of the intrinsic link between employee wellbeing and company success. With more employees looking for purpose in their jobs and expecting employers to act on their values, companies are leaning into workforce programs and making giving back easier for employees. 

Redefining the workplace experience 

In fact, equipping employees with the tools to give back is now an essential expectation of the employee experience. With the help of Philanthropy Cloud, companies like 3M, a leading brand in worker safety, U.S. health care, and consumer goods, are redefining the workplace experience while also impacting communities. 

3M: Powering employee and corporate purpose 

After an unprecedented year, 3M employees sought ways to uplift communities disproportionately affected by the pandemic. 3M has long focused its philanthropic efforts on STEM education and workforce development for under-resourced communities.

With the help of Philanthropy Cloud, the company is now committing to scale its STEM Equity and Skills Trade Initiative by providing 5 million learning experiences to underrepresented individuals by 2025. It plans to do this by engaging 2 million employee volunteer interactions over the next five years. As part of this initiative, 3M is scaling Visiting Wizards, its science encouragement program. Philanthropy Cloud will make it easier to coordinate and track volunteer engagements, improving the experience for employee volunteers and enabling partner schools and nonprofits to collaborate with 3M at scale. 

“We know that not only do employees want to be part of our mission to advance equity and inclusion in the STEM field, we also need them to be part of our mission,” said Jackie Berry, Global Communications Manager, 3Mgives. “Philanthropy Cloud enables us to seamlessly engage employees and empower them to take action through volunteer, donation, and community engagement opportunities.”  

Philanthropy Cloud enables us to seamlessly engage employees and empower them to take action through volunteer, donation, and community engagement opportunities.

Jackie Berry, Global Communications Manager, 3Mgives

Expanding Philanthropy Cloud with Automating Matching Gifts

Companies like 3M also recognize the importance of making giving and volunteering easy and accessible. With Philanthropy Cloud’s latest capability, Matching Gifts, employees can request a corporate match as they’re making their donation with a single click, increasing the likelihood of donating and the donation amount. They can also manage matches for donations made outside of Philanthropy Cloud. In addition, giving program leads can automate approvals and disbursements, reducing overhead maintenance and increasing the speed in which funds are disbursed. 

Matching Gifts Desktop View, Source:

As companies look to engage employees through giving, volunteering, and more, continues to enhance technology platforms and features to help them meet the moment.

For more information about Philanthropy Cloud for Companies and Matching Gifts, click here.

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