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Bike Club Scales Affordable and Sustainable Cycling Service with Salesforce

Bike Club, one of the world’s largest bike rental networks, is using Salesforce technology to transform how it connects with customers and scale as it moves into new markets.

Why it’s important: Launched in London in 2016, Bike Club aims to make cycling more affordable and sustainable by enabling parents to rent bikes for their children. As their child grows they can exchange these bikes for a larger size, removing the cost and hassle of selling and replacing bikes repeatedly. 

With over 55,000 children riding Bike Club bicycles, the company handles around 3,700 transactions per day. As a B-Corp certified company, it aims to reach sustainability minded customers. Subscriber demand for its refurbished exchanged bikes now outnumbers demand for new bikes. To meet this growing demand, Bike Club has accelerated its refurbishment programme, with 6,000 bikes being refurbished in the first half of 2023 alone. 

The Salesforce solution: With Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Premier Success and Tableau, Bike Club has embedded flexibility across its organisation, allowing it to adapt to rising customer demands and expand its business using clicks, not code. Specifically:

  • Bike Club has built a warehouse management system providing real-time visibility on the business’ inventory and operations, improving efficiencies and fulfilling customer orders accurately.
  • Service Cloud provides Bike Club’s service teams with the information they need to offer a fast, seamless and personalised customer experience, with ability to engage across every digital channel – mobile messaging, web chat, and more.
  • With Tableau, Bike Club has centralised all of its data – from subscription and payment management to wider business reporting – on one platform.

Following its successful launch in Germany this year, Bike Club is now planning further European expansion to get more children into the cycling habit.

The customer perspective: “At Bike Club we’re passionate about inspiring the next generation to fall in love with cycling. To grow and scale our business in the UK and across Europe, we needed a flexible platform that allows us to pivot our business and supply chain, personalise every customer engagement, and integrate every data point. With Salesforce we can do all of this and more,” said James Symes, CEO at Bike Club.

“It’s bringing more efficiency to our day-to-day operations, greater end-to-end service to our customers, and ultimately helping us achieve our goal of making cycling more affordable and sustainable.”

The Salesforce perspective: “The flexible, subscription-based and sustainable business model Bike Club has built over such a short period is testament to the potential of technology to transform our lives for the better. It is a real privilege to support such a purpose-led company,” said Brigid Charmant, SVP Sales, Salesforce.

From the moment new bikes arrive at the warehouse until they reach children across the continent, with the powerful combination of AI, data and CRM Bike Club is revolutionising the customer experience and loyalty as its business grows at pace.

Brigid Charmant, SVP Sales, Salesforce

Fast fact: All Bike Club bicycles can be refurbished and rented out again up to six times, ensuring that utilisation of each bike is maximised while the requirement to manufacture new bikes is significantly reduced. Bikes that reach the end of their rental life are broken down for recycling.

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