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Digital Transformation

Formula 1 Is Accelerating Its Digital Transformation with Salesforce

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Formula 1, an organization that prides itself on being the “greatest racing spectacle on the planet,” is growing and deepening its fan engagement with Salesforce. By leveraging Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud across the Customer 360, F1 creates a single, real-time source of truth and memorable, high-performance experiences for its 1.5 billion fans around the globe.

Why it’s important: In a world where 73% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations, fans of F1 expect personalized experiences that allow them to engage with their favorite sport at a deeper level. 

Driving the news: F1 needed to develop a greater understanding of its growing fan base and deliver a tailored engagement strategy to meet their needs. Deploying Salesforce’s technology helped to:

  • Understand how F1 data integrates across every channel — both physical and non-physical, around the globe.
  • Use AI and automation to deliver scalable, hyper-personalized, and real-time experiences.
  • Move away from siloed solutions to a seamless platform that effectively stores and maintains fan data.
  • Tailor its marketing and B2B engagement strategies, bringing fans and partners closer to the action.

What’s the impact: Cloud innovations, creating innovative new digital content, trackside signage, and Grand Prix hospitality experiences are powering long-term benefits for F1 and its followers.

The customer perspective: “Using Salesforce’s industry-leading technology, we’re creating a new era of fan experience and engagement,” said Zarah Al-Kudcy, Head of Commercial Partnerships, Formula 1. 

Together, we can increase our touchpoints — physical and digital — to improve the experience for the fans and the insights we have to tailor our approach even better.

What’s next? F1 will continue to focus on unlocking extra brand value and revenue by giving fans even more to love, opening doors for new audiences around the world as the sport continues its rapid growth.

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