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Salesforce Joins UK Disability Confident Scheme to Enhance Recruitment and Retainment Practices

Today Salesforce joined the UK Government’s Disability Confident Scheme to enhance how the company recruits and retains disabled people and those with health conditions. 

Why it’s important: There are 9.58 million people of working age in the UK who are disabled, which is around 23% of the working-age population.

Participation in the Disability Confident scheme provides member organisations with specialist support and guidance, including on how they can actively attract applicants who are disabled or with health conditions and remove barriers from the recruitment process, support existing employees who acquire a disability or long-term condition to enable them to remain in work and ensure there are no barriers hindering career progression.

Joining the scheme is part of Salesforce’s Office of Accessibilities’ wider strategy to increase representation of people with disabilities within its workforce while elevating the experience of colleagues with disabilities at the company.

Driving the news: As part of Salesforce’s commitment to the scheme, Salesforce UK has committed to numerous initiatives including:

  • Offering paid employment and traineeships to disabled candidates
  • Launching a new UK careers webpage, dedicated to providing resources and information for disabled candidates.
  • Integrating the “Offer an Interview” scheme into the company’s current recruitment process, ensuring that all disabled applicants who meet essential criteria receive interview invitations.
  • Providing Salesforce recruiters and people managers with training and resources to effectively support disabled candidates and employees, removing any barriers applicants may encounter.

The Salesforce perspective: “At Salesforce, we strive to create a company that reflects society. We take a holistic view of equality, it’s a core value of ours, and we acknowledge there is more we can do to boost representation,” said Justin Wilson, Senior Vice President, Salesforce UK. “I am delighted that Salesforce is Disability Confident, and look forward to further strides we will take to support those with disabilities or health conditions to thrive.”

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