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Customer Success

Honeywell and Salesforce: Trust Is Critical in Delivering on Customer Experience

Quick take

Salesforce is a key partner to multinational conglomerate Honeywell, helping improve customer relationships and manage employee experience. 

What’s the impact?

Que Dallara, President and CEO of Honeywell Connected Enterprise recently shared her view on the company’s priorities and how Salesforce is helping with everything from managing service processes to optimizing Human Resources flows.

“Salesforce helped us get started on the digital journey by automation in our sales process. And that’s the obvious place to start. But we’ve also built a marketing platform that’s tied to Salesforce, and through that we drive our lead-to-revenue process. We’re now in the process of expanding that into our field service as well, to manage the whole customer experience end-to-end.”

What they’re saying

Dallara shared more detail about how Salesforce supports Honeywell:

  • “Salesforce has been very helpful for us in three areas. One is around managing our customer relationships, and we couldn’t do this without software that helps us keep it together. Number two is around our field service organization. We’re really arming frontline workers with a lot more information so they can operate more safely and more productively. And that’s really important, given the circumstances. Lastly, we actually use Salesforce in our HR to handle a lot of the service cases that we see with our employees.
  • “I think a lot of companies are learning from each other in this crisis, because in some ways there is safety in numbers. The more that companies try things and make mistakes, the more they have breakthroughs and that encourages others to take the plunge. Honeywell has the power to push forward thinking industries to unprecedented levels of productivity.”
  • Trust is critical in delivering on customer experience, because if you don’t really understand the comings and goings of your customers, then they’re not going to trust you, or what you’re going to do for them. Salesforce is a very important tool in our toolbox to enable that to happen.”

Fast facts

Honeywell has existed for 100 years, with a rich history of innovation, and has more than 100,000 employees. It serves every major market in the world, and its technology has been on every U.S. space mission.  

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