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Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Recognized by Leading Climate Reporting Organization

One of 15 solutions accredited globally by the Carbon Disclosure Project, Net Zero Cloud helps organizations track, measure, and report on climate goals 

Net Zero Cloud includes Automate ESG Reporting and other ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions to help companies accelerate to net zero

Salesforce and sustainability and ESG consultancy ERM team up to offer clients decarbonization services expertise with Net Zero Cloud  

Today, Salesforce announced that its carbon accounting solution, Net Zero Cloud, has gained gold accreditation from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and will be a part of the organization’s global network of climate change consultancy partners. 

CDP is a global non-profit that supports organizations in disclosing their climate risks and opportunities. Its widely-adopted standard for voluntary reporting is used by 18,000+ companies and over 1,100 cities, states, and regions globally.

Accredited providers help companies disclosing to CDP to identify the gaps in their environmental performance, address these gaps, and identify further opportunities for becoming leaders in the corporate environmental action space.

“As regulators, investors, and key stakeholders demand more climate accountability, organizations need solutions to track progress on goals and report their impact in an accurate and timely manner,” said Ari Alexander, GM of Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce. “Net Zero Cloud brings the power of Salesforce’s thriving ecosystem to help organizations of all sizes and across industries reach their climate goals faster and more reliably.”

Net Zero Cloud brings the power of Salesforce’s thriving ecosystem to help organizations of all sizes and across industries reach their climate goals faster and more reliably.

Ari Alexander, GM of Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce

“I’m thrilled to welcome Net Zero Cloud as a CDP gold accredited solutions provider,” said Paul Robins, Global Head of Partnerships at CDP. “The addition of Net Zero Cloud will bring highly valued expertise to companies using CDP to disclose their environmental data, and support them to implement leading actions to reduce their carbon footprint. We are confident that Salesforce’s decade-long leadership in voluntary climate reporting will be valuable to companies responding to CDP.”

Salesforce’s new ESG solution helps organizations automate data reporting 

Net Zero Cloud, which provides environmental data management as part of its overall offerings, recently announced Automate ESG Reporting, a solution to help organizations meet growing stakeholder demand for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) transparency.

Automate ESG Reporting enables companies to manage ESG data in real time and easily generate reports according to the CDP and Global Reporting Initiative frameworks.

ERM and Salesforce collaborate on sustainability and ESG advisory services 

Salesforce is partnering up with ERM, a leading sustainability and ESG consultancy, to help organizations accelerate their sustainability goals.

ERM is providing sustainability and ESG consulting expertise that complements Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud. By coming together, ERM and Salesforce can offer a full suite of solutions to help organizations track and report on their ESG goals.

“Businesses today face the urgent challenge of accelerating their sustainability progress while driving profitable revenue growth,” said Matt Klein, Global Corporate Sustainability & Climate Change Co-Head at ERM. “By combining Net Zero Cloud’s insights on sustainability performance with ERM’s end-to-end sustainability services and expertise, together we will help organizations achieve the transformation needed to meet their ESG goals.”

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