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Noise Solution Partners with Salesforce to Support At-Risk Young People

Noise Solution, the internationally recognised social enterprise connecting at-risk young people with professional musicians to learn new skills and help them feel more in control is using Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, Heroku, and Tableau to capture next-level insights and create a platform for young people to share their achievements.

Why it’s important: Data shows that 75% of children and young adults who experience mental health problems are not receiving the help they need. With guidance from mentors, Noise Solution supports young people on their mental health journey.

Driving the news: Salesforce enables Noise Solution to automate and streamline its processes, creating a better experience for its users while providing a 360-degree view of its impact on young people. This frees up capacity for its small team, allowing them to engage with more young people and help them create music they can feel proud of.

  • Automating large elements of processes with Salesforce Flow Builder, means the small team can manage programmes for hundreds of young people every year. Overall, the team has doubled its productivity with Salesforce.
  • Noise Solution’s work halved low levels of wellbeing among the last 350 young people completing their course, whilst saving over £1 million a year in costs for families and services in the East of England.

What they’re saying: “We needed a solution that was acceptable to young people and met the needs of local authorities by enabling us to follow safeguarding protocols,” said Simon Glenister, Founder and CEO of Noise Solution. “With Salesforce, we can reach more at-risk young people and help them change the course of their lives while having fun.” 

Salesforce isn’t just capturing what happened. It is driving change in wellbeing, easing the onboarding of families through the innovative use of chatter groups and connecting key adults around the child by sharing their experience.

Simon Glenister, Founder and CEO of Noise Solution

The Salesforce Perspective: “With an estimated 22% of young people aged 17 to 24 suffering from mental health problems, the work Noise Solution champions is essential in enabling young adults to connect to others and grow skills and competencies. We are proud to support them in their work and provide a platform to capture journeys and support their wellbeing,” said Carol Glavin, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce UK and Ireland.

What’s next: Noise Solutions is looking at ways to embed AI-generated tasks into its automation processes to help connect everyone involved in the young person’s journey. For example, with AI, Noise Solutions will be able to notify teachers and family members with recommendations to provide further support.

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