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European Nonprofits Look to AI to Boost Employee Wellbeing and Collaboration, Research Reveals

13% of European nonprofit organisations are already using AI, and 22% are ‘optimistic but cautious’ about the technology, citing concerns around data security and privacy, loss of human expertise and job displacement. This according to the latest annual Nonprofit Pulse report from the European Fundraising Association released today, in partnership with the UK’s Chartered Institute of Fundraising and Salesforce.

The survey of 671 senior representatives of nonprofit organisations across 20 European nations explores how nonprofits are responding to economic headwinds. For the first time, it includes a focus on how nonprofits are using AI, or plan to, and their view on its opportunities and the challenges around its use. 

Why it matters: With increased workload, fundraising, and supporting staff and their wellbeing among the biggest challenges facing nonprofit organizations, many nonprofits are responding by seizing the opportunities available to them – from advances in technology and AI to greater collaboration between organisations.

  • Almost a quarter (23%) are focused on further digital development and channel diversification to support fundraising efforts.
  • Collaboration is a top area of focus, with 22% working more with other nonprofits.

The Salesforce perspective: “AI represents a tremendous opportunity for nonprofits of all sizes, and will be the key to reducing workloads for overburdened staff, improving fundraising outcomes, accelerating mission impact, and so much more. But, successful adoption in the sector depends on the use of trusted AI that can help nonprofits safely take advantage of their data with confidence,” said Lori Freeman, VP & GM of Nonprofits, Salesforce. 

By embracing AI and educating employees on how to use it in a trusted and ethical way, nonprofits have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to modernize their operations and impact.

Lori Freeman, VP & GM of Nonprofits, Salesforce

Learn more: Find out more about the report’s findings here


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