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Artificial Intelligence

Winter ’24 Release – Here’s What to Expect with New Data, AI, and CRM Features

Today, Salesforce announced that the Winter ʼ24 release preview is now live

Why it matters: The Winter ʼ24 release includes hundreds of new features, including generative AI capabilities. These features will be generally available on October 16, 2023 and help companies:

  • Accelerate work with AI and automation.
  • Safely use any large language model (LLM), since Einstein is built on an open platform. 
  • Safeguard sensitive customer and company data with Einstein’s Trust Layer.

Highlights from the Winter ʼ24 Product Release:

  • Einstein for Service — Automates time-consuming tasks like writing service replies, work summaries, and knowledge-grounded email replies, using trusted CRM data.
Work Summaries will create wrap-up summaries of service cases and customer engagements based on case data and customer history.
  • Sales Emails — This feature helps sales reps auto-generate personalized and data-informed emails for every customer interaction, streamlining sales prospecting and saving valuable time. 
  • Data Cloud Triggered FlowsData Cloud’s data spaces and data model objects are now directly in Flow Builder. With this feature, companies can use unified, real-time data from any part of their business to trigger flows and automate business processes using clicks not code.
  • Slack Sales Elevate — A new integration with Sales Cloud and Slack accelerates sales and boosts productivity with the efficiency and deal context sales teams need.
  • Pay Now for Salesforce Starter — With Pay Now, businesses can collect payment more efficiently by embedding a checkout link into any Salesforce application. This gives customers the flexibility to transact immediately on the digital channels they’re already using.
  • Salesforce Backup — Salesforce Backup is a native Salesforce solution designed to safeguard enterprises from data loss and corruption. With simplified implementation, it offers an intuitive UI for admins to easily set up backup policies in just a few clicks.

Learn more:

  • For a detailed look at these features plus hundreds more, go here

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