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Salesforce Shows Support for The Royal Foundation’s Homewards Initiative to end Homelessness

Today, Salesforce announced it is partnering with Prince William and The Royal Foundation on a new initiative to end homelessness.

Why it matters: Homewards is offering six flagship locations across the UK a package of support including funding and access to investment and research. The five-year programme aims to set these locations on a path to find solutions to homelessness.

Alongside organisations from a range of sectors and industries supporting Homewards, Salesforce will contribute skills, resources and investment to support the locations.

Today, businesses have a new opportunity to work together and expand their role to be meaningful platforms for change to serve all in their communities.

Zahra Bahrolouloumi, CEO, Salesforce UKI

Salesforce perspective: Zahra Bahrolouloumi, CEO, Salesforce UKI, stated about the partnership:

  • Salesforce’s support: “As a key supporter of The Royal Foundation, we are thrilled to be part of Homewards. Salesforce is a values-driven company with a long-standing commitment to help underserved and underrepresented people gain access to valuable opportunities in education, training, work, and mentorship.
  • The role Salesforce will play: “We will be looking at how we can leverage our people, our technology and innovation, and our ecosystem to provide impactful support to this important programme. I’ve seen, first hand, the power of bringing business and community leaders together to solve critical issues in the UK.”

Learn more:

  • Find out more about Homewards here
  • Read how Salesforce is partnering with Business In The Community, The Prince’s Responsible Business Network’s Seeing Is Believing programme here

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