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Customer Success

How Top Organizations Embrace a Digital-First Future with Salesforce

Salesforce released its latest earnings report yesterday, which highlighted how companies around the world are turning to Salesforce to transform their businesses for the digital-first future.  

Driving the news: Salesforce customer wins detailed during earnings included Moderna, PayPal, Ralph Lauren, and Southwest Airlines.

Moderna partners with Salesforce to become a fully-digital biotech company

Known worldwide for its COVID-19 vaccine, Moderna is embedding analytics, AI, and automation across every step of its value chain:

  • With Health Cloud, Moderna will gain a more complete view of its customers. 
  • With Einstein and Tableau CRM, Moderna can analyze data from across all departments and use predictive analytics to make more informed decisions.

Salesforce + Slack help power PayPal’s digital HQ

Salesforce and PayPal have a deep relationship built on using Customer 360 and Slack to deliver all-digital employee and customers experiences from anywhere:

  • In the fourth quarter, PayPal expanded its use of Salesforce and Slack to support a digital HQ for its global workforce.
  • PayPal uses Slack Huddles for thousands of real-time audio calls every week, and Slack chatbots to quickly respond to employee questions, log IT tickets, check ticket status, and more.

Ralph Lauren expands digital presence and regional footprint with Salesforce

Ralph Lauren is deepening its connection with customers in both digital and physical settings: 

  • Commerce Cloud helped Ralph Lauren grow its North American online sales by over 30% in its December Quarter. 
  • Throughout the pandemic, Ralph Lauren has relied on Slack to keep geographically-disparate teams connected and working together seamlessly.

Southwest Airlines taps Salesforce for digital customer service tools 

Southwest is well known for its incredible customer service, and with Salesforce, the airline tapped technology to make it even better:

  • Using Salesforce, Southwest has consolidated several systems and tools, creating a single view of the customer for agents, reducing the time required to address customer needs.
  • Chatbots now handle a greater number of calls and agents can toggle between multiple chats at a time, freeing them up to build customer relationships and tackle more complex issues.

The Salesforce perspective: “We saw remarkable customer success stories across our full portfolio of products, industries and geographies in the quarter. There is a tremendous appetite for digital transformation and we expect that to continue,” said Gavin Patterson, President & Chief Revenue Officer, Salesforce. “We are proud to have supported these and so many other companies, and are grateful to all of our customers for their continued trust in us.”

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