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Modern Work

Salesforce Ireland’s Country Leader on Dublin Tower and the Future of Work

Salesforce Ireland Country Leader Carolan Lennon spoke to Tech Talk about the company’s new Dublin office, the future of work, and Salesforce’s future in Ireland.

Why it matters: Salesforce has been investing in Ireland over the last two decades. In May 2023, the company officially opened Salesforce Tower Dublin, its largest office in EMEA.

Salesforce perspective: Lennon shared that:

  • The future of Salesforce in Ireland: “The future of Salesforce in Ireland is bright and Salesforce Tower Dublin has really helped to bring people together as a major talent hub. We are the EMEA hub supporting critical business functions for Salesforce across the region, from tech to finance, to distribution. I want to continue to attract those resources and roles in Ireland.”
  • Giving back to the community: “We want to be a good neighbour and we want to have a building where our community feels welcome. Our two Ohana floors are open in the evenings and weekends for local non-profit groups and our Salesforce 1-1-1 model gives 1% of our time, 1% of product, and 1% of profit back to the local community. We’re asking what we can do in our local community – that’s really important to us.”
  • Salesforce’s approach to modern work: “Much of the reason we come to work is to meet other people. It was really important that we created a space to do that. Salesforce Tower Dublin has 70% more collaboration than other Salesforce offices. What we’re trying to do is create an environment that people want to be in – employees can collaborate with colleagues, learn from each other and get their head down.”

What we’re trying to do is create an environment that people want to be in, and so far we’re seeing very good attendance.”

Carolan Lennon, salesforce ireland country leader

Go deeper: Lennon also discussed how Salesforce Tower Dublin, a ‘smart building’, is assessing what areas are being used most, and how this is influencing the office’s design.

Learn more: Read Lennon’s full interview here.


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