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Salesforce Enhances Slack Sales Elevate with AI, Automation, and Personalized Team Performance Views for Leaders

Improved deal notifications and filters, automated sales process templates, and Slack AI capabilities provide better visibility into performance so sales executives can stay informed, take action, and guide their teams to close deals faster

76% of early users report Sales Elevate makes them more productive

Customers like Rochester Electronics collaborate better and sell more efficiently with Sales Elevate

Salesforce today unveiled a new user experience for sales leaders within Slack Sales Elevate, a sales workspace that centralizes Salesforce insights and automates opportunity tasks by natively integrating Sales Cloud with Slack.

Sales Elevate’s enhanced experience now gives sales leaders a personalized overview of their team’s performance, pipeline data, and account records. Leveraging automation and Slack AI, the custom interface standardizes winning strategies, elevates and accelerates key deals, and makes it easier to update forecasts, allowing sales leaders to effectively support their teams in achieving targets and closing deals.

Why it matters: Sixty-nine percent of sales professionals say selling is harder now, yet the pressure to hit targets continues to rise, according to the State of Sales report. Sales leaders are adapting by looking for new ways to improve high-quality deal data and pipeline management, while boosting team efficiency so reps can focus on selling. Sales Elevate is helping address these challenges, and among early users, 87% of managers report that it’s easier to stay updated on deals, and 76% of users report that it makes them more productive.

Innovation in action: Sales leaders can access a consolidated view of the information they need from any device, all directly in Slack. With these new enhancements, sales leaders can:

  • View team performance and improve forecast confidence with deal notifications. Leaders can understand how deals are progressing daily or weekly with summaries of top changes that impact forecasting, like deals that were won, lost, increased, or decreased in value. Their teams will also now get proactive, automated reminders for when close dates are approaching, fields are missing, or deals are stalled to help leaders keep their teams on track.
  • Surface the most relevant information with deal information at a glance. Previously, leaders could access a complete view of their team’s opportunities in Slack that automatically sync to Salesforce. Now, leaders can also group deals by forecast category and filter, sort, and hide opportunities to make it easy to hone in on deals that need the most attention.
  • Accelerate sales and drive team efficiency with Slack AI. Leaders can easily stay in the loop on top deal activity with Slack AI’s conversation summaries and the newly launched recap feature, allowing them to proactively take action and get involved as needed.
  • Standardize and scale best practices with sales templates and record channels, coming soon. Leaders can capture and scale their team’s best practices with sales templates, which automate building account plans, mutual close plans, or executive briefs that pull in Salesforce data. They can also improve visibility for their entire account team with record channels, which are Slack channels mapped to Salesforce records so that sales data and selling conversations are available in the same place. When a sales rep creates a new opportunity in Salesforce, the record details will automatically get added to a corresponding Slack channel. And when that rep logs activity and updates a deal status, that information is updated both in the channel and in the Salesforce record. After the deal closes, the channel will archive itself.

The Slack perspective: “We launched Slack Sales Elevate last year to help sellers reduce admin work, save time with process automation, and improve deal collaboration – directly in Slack,” said Kaylin Voss, Chief Revenue Officer at Slack. “Since then, we’ve innovated Sales Elevate further to support sales leaders. This new set of capabilities, coupled with the recent launch of Slack AI, will be a breakthrough in time savings and real-time insights.”

Since then, we’ve innovated Sales Elevate further to support sales leaders. This new set of capabilities, coupled with the recent launch of Slack AI, will be a breakthrough in time savings and real-time insights.

Kaylin Voss, Chief Revenue Officer at Slack

What they’re saying:

  • “Slack Sales Elevate is a game changer for our business. Our team now has the ability to work more collaboratively on sales deals and projects, while also allowing me and other leaders to communicate more efficiently. For example, proactive deal notifications ensure that the team stays on top of our work so we can close deals faster and more efficiently. And I’m able to use team metrics to understand what’s happening in real time, like what we’re closing in the pipeline, revenue, invoice sales billing, run rate, and more.”Colin Strother, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing, Supplier Development, Product and Technology, Supply Chain, Operations, and Business Applications, Rochester Electronics


  • Slack Sales Elevate is available now for Slack Business+ plans and above, and all Sales Cloud editions. Sales templates and record channels are coming later this year.
  • Slack Sales Elevate is priced at $60 per user per month.
  • Slack AI is available now as a paid add-on for all paid Slack plans.
  • Slack AI is priced at $10 per user per month for Slack Pro and Business+ plans.
  • Slack AI is available now in English, Spanish, and Japanese, with additional language support coming soon.

Learn more:

  • Read more about how Slack Sales Elevate can drive team success faster
  • Get started with Slack Sales Elevate

Forward-Looking Statement: The above is intended for informational purposes. Please do not rely on this information in making your purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any products, features or functionality not currently available remain at the sole discretion of Slack and are subject to change.


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