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Digital Transformation

Tableau Brings Data Skills to Nearly 2M People in Under 2 Years

Salesforce today announced a momentum update around Tableau’s data pledge, sharing that nearly two million people have been trained through its data skills program since January 2022.

Why it’s important: Businesses rely on data to make decisions, but there’s a talent gap, with just 39% of organizations training their employees with data skills and less than half of colleges offering specific data skills courses.

Behind the numbers: In 2021, Tableau committed to helping 10 million people across the globe become data literate by 2027. To help reach this goal, Tableau offers free and unique educational programs and resources across the Salesforce ecosystem. They include:

  • Trailhead Learning Content: With only 1 in 10 workers having in-demand AI skills, learners can use Salesforce’s free online learning platform, Trailhead, and explore AI-focused courses like Einstein Generative AI, Responsible Creation of Artificial Intelligence, and Tableau AI and Analytics. They can also skill up on data literacy with modules like Data Literacy Basics, Well-Structured Data, and Equity and Inclusion for Data Visualization.   
  • Data-Centered Courses: Salesforce’s Build Your Data Literacy course provides learners with tangible and actionable insights for exploring, understanding, and communicating with data. After skilling up, learners can earn globally recognized credentials* for careers in the Salesforce and Tableau ecosystems.
  • Tableau Academic Programs: Free software licenses, eLearning, and curriculum help educators around the world teach and students learn analytics in classrooms. Since 2011, this program’s continued growth has helped students learn data skills enabling more than 2.7 million students and educators.
  • Workforce Data Literacy Guide: This comprehensive document for organizations’ leaders, managers, and facilitators provides the framework to inspire and deploy foundational data skills training at scale. This guide includes a data literacy learning path, recommendations for solutions to common challenges, and tips on how to establish an education program at an organization. 

What’s coming: Together with online education platforms Coursera and Pathstream, a newly developed professional certificate* will prepare learners for an entry level business analyst role across industries. Upon finishing all eight courses, learners will receive a certificate of completion and be prepared to take Tableau’s Desktop Specialist exam, which proves basic skills and product knowledge of Tableau Desktop.


  • “We are in a new era where data, analytics, and generative AI are the foundation for strategic decision-making. Business leaders want all workers to have the skills that will help them realize the full value of their data and take their business to the next level. Tableau’s mission has always been to help people see and understand data, and through our data literacy programs, we will continue to make data skills more accessible for all.” – Larissa Amoroso, VP of Tableau Community, Salesforce

Tableau’s mission has always been to help people see and understand data, and through our data literacy programs, we will continue to make data skills more accessible for all.

Larissa Amoroso, VP of Tableau Community, Salesforce
  • “As a student, being given the resources and opportunities to learn data skills boosts hireability and equips you with the tools needed to enter the workforce. Tableau’s data skills program gave me a leg up while applying for jobs and taught me the skills companies desperately need. It is critical for these programs to be accessible to students because it means investing in the future of data — and their lives.” – Maria Brock, Senior Business Insights Designer, ServiceNow

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