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“The Ecopreneurs,” a New Salesforce+ Series Debuts Featuring Global Innovators Combating Climate Change

The Ecopreneurs,” a new series that champions how global entrepreneurs are working to solve climate change, debuts today on Salesforce+, a new streaming service that offers live experiences and on-demand original content.

Why it’s important: This docu-style series sets out to highlight how everyday people — business workers, surfers, villagers, and scientists — are working to solve climate change in new, inspiring, and innovative ways.  


  • Available for streaming today, the first episode spotlights Michael Stewart, co-founder and director of SeaTrees. The organization partners with communities around the world to plant, regenerate, and protect critical coastal ecosystems like mangrove forests, kelp forests, and entire ridge-to-reef watersheds.
  • “If we don’t stop before it’s too late, everything on the planet will become toxic and unable to support life. Saving the future lies in valuing emission removals as much as emission reductions, which is where SeaTrees comes in,” said Stewart. “We’ve found that people love the tangible idea of planting a tree. For us, it’s: Plant that same tree in the ocean.”
  • Upcoming episodes will feature Donnel Baird, founder and CEO of BlocPower and Constantino Aucca and Florent Kaiser, Co-Founder and CEO of Acción Andina


  • Colin Fleming, SVP of Global Brand Marketing, Salesforce: “The Ecopreneurs” series shows first-hand how business can be the greatest platform for change. We’re in a climate crisis that affects everyone and the people who are standing up and taking the lead in preserving our planet are these ecopreneurs. In launching this series, we hope their stories will resonate beyond the workplace and inspire change in the world.”
  • Dr. Whitney Johnston, Director of Ocean Sustainability Director, Salesforce: “This first episode highlighting Michael Stewart’s entrepreneurial journey with SeaTrees is a chance to introduce viewers to the urgency of tackling climate change and the opportunity for businesses to be a driving force in this effort. Salesforce’s blue carbon program launched last year is dedicated to lifting up ecopreneur voices and inspiring others to get onboard.”  

Zoom out: The series was developed in partnership with FORTUNE Brand Studio. FORTUNE produced the series and will host in-depth content on the ecopreneurs and the climate challenges highlighted in each episode.  

“Business efforts to address environmental problems are clearly on the rise, with companies large and small devising innovative business models to help save the planet,” said Alan Murray, CEO, Fortune. “By partnering with Salesforce, we intend to shine a spotlight on some of the most exciting and effective entrepreneurs in this space. It’s part of FORTUNE’s continuing effort to make business better.”

What’s next: Watch the of “The Ecopreneurs” on Salesforce+. Learn more about SeaTrees’ blue carbon initiatives here, and get to know SeaTrees’ Stewart in an interview here. Find more content on ecopreneurs here.

More about Salesforce+: Salesforce+ is a new streaming service that offers live experiences and on-demand original content for companies, industries, and the people who power them. Salesforce+ brings business and entertainment together with inspiring stories and expert content that addresses the pain points and concerns of any professional — whether they’re a CEO, CMO, a sales professional, customer service rep, or someone just starting in their career.


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