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Customer Success

Twitter and Salesforce Talk Building Customer Trust in the Digital Age

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Quick take

A little birdie told us that Salesforce is now the single source of truth for Twitter’s business operations and customer experience.

The impact

Matt Derella, Global Vice President Revenue and Content Partnerships for Twitter, is the little birdie. He shared with New York Times‘ T-Brand Studio that Salesforce helps Twitter stay really close to their customers and drive the results that they need to grow their business. Twitter’s always been the critical hub for what’s happening — even more so now, in the COVID era. 

“In a world where there isn’t the natural connection to talk with people the way you normally would, the intensity and enthusiasm around talking about the latest NFL Draft, or the NBA Playoffs is intensified,” said Derella. “[For example] We saw the service erupt with [a virtual version of] the roar of the crowds, and that opened up a lot of opportunities for us to serve our customers who are coming to the platform to see what’s happening, and also to help our advertising customers, who want to align themselves with the feel good moments.”

What They’re Saying

Derella went on to share more on how Salesforce supports Twitter with technology that connects us all with conversation.

  • Trust is at the foundation of how we operate at Twitter. We live in very complicated times. There’s an incredible amount of opinions and polarization that is happening in the world right now. Certainly, being an open public platform, that allows anyone to connect and share what’s happening, we have some of that on our own service, and we take it as a great responsibility to make sure that we are enabling every person that comes to our service to access the most credible, the most timely information that can help them make the right decisions for themselves. This came to light very much with the global pandemic, lots of conversation happening, lots of people expressing their concern.”
  • “Salesforce has become a single source of truth for our business operations, understanding where customers are, what’s working for them, how we can improve their experience. Our operations teams work hand in hand with the technology solutions that Salesforce has built, to customize them for a Twitter experience that allows us to really learn from data, spot trends and patterns early, to help us adjust our strategy, and be more nimble. And most importantly, to help us stay really close to that customer, to what’s on their mind, what could be used to improve their experience, and ultimately drive the results that they need to grow their business.”
  • The future is conversation. So much of what Twitter does is a conversational layer onto what’s already happening in peoples’ worlds. And we think conversation really does make the world a better place. It allows us to learn faster, fix problems faster, and remind us that we’re all in it together.”

Fast fact

Twitter reaches over 192 million monetizable daily active users (mDAU) around the world each day.

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