Deliver the connected future, faster.


Communicate on a person-to-person level.


Deliver what customers expect.

Salesforce solutions for communications gives customers, reps, agents and retailers clear, fast, easy access to all the information they need. So customers enjoy a more cohesive, personalised experience at every step.

Know what customers want.

Customer service isn’t about bandwidth, it’s about personal connections. Salesforce transforms customer care, using collaborative systems to help reps know each individual customer better.


Engage and innovate.

Companies use Salesforce social and mobile cloud solutions to make sure customers always get connected to the right person, with the information needed to help. So every call is personal, positive and productive.


M1 reinvents itself to become a digital first telco.

Salesforce enabled us to deliver an incredible outcome and one that’s sustainable as we move into the new norm.”


Questions? Our reps have answers.

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