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Arianna Huffington: How to relieve stress and find grace

“We are living in a metaphorical hurricane,” says Thrive Global and Huffington Post Founder Arianna Huffington. “But even in the middle of the most ferocious hurricane, there is a place of calm.”

In this video, Huffington shares three ‘microsteps’ we can all take to find a place of peace, wisdom and strength within.

Huffington established Thrive Global in 2016 with a mission to change the way we work by ending “the collective delusion that we all have to be burnt out to be successful”. 

She’s now offering a free PDF download of her 2015 book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating A Life of Wellbeing, Wisdom, and Wonder

“It only takes seven and a half minutes to read the intro and epilogue,” says Huffington, calling this video the ‘CliffsNotes’.

Watch the video to learn more about the three microsteps Huffington recommends right now, plus other game-changing yet elementary steps to “move from struggle to grace” in your new working-from-home life.

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