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What Is ‘Phygital’? 4 Examples of Trailblazers Getting It Right

A new business revolution is taking shape, and it’s coming in the form of the ‘phygital’ experience. But what exactly does this odd-sounding term mean and how can you harness its potential to take your brand to the next level? Here, we explain the role of ‘phygital’ in the evolving business landscape and how it’s set to only get bigger.

Headless Commerce 101: Meet Consumers Where They Are

Your online store without the front-end – the theme, the delivery layer that you’ve worked so hard on – that’s what customers want now. They don’t know that though. They just know some retailers let them shop easily anywhere, and that they want to shop with retailers that meet them where they are – even as that ‘where’ changes.

Navigating a New Financial Landscape With Xero

Since COVID-19 lockdowns began to ease, SMBs have scrambled to reopen their business and adapt to the new environment amid recession and social distancing. Many, like A Team Tuition, shifted their business online to continue trading. Others pivoted their operations entirely to keep revenue coming in, such as StageKings which went from building theatre sets to office furniture.

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