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Infographic: Why Sales Ops Is Becoming More Strategic

The sales operations role has been the unsung hero of sales for quite some time. Now, with changing conditions requiring sales teams to gain deeper customer insights, the efficiencies and technical knowledge sales ops bring to the table is taking on a special importance.  

In the age of automation and technology, sales leaders are turning to their sales operations teams to support strategic, data-driven decisions. Our latest State of Sales report revealed that 87% of Australia and New Zealand professionals say that sales ops play a critical role in growing the business.

With sales reps being asked to do more with less, sales ops are streamlining internal processes so sales reps can spend more time on what they are good at – selling. 

There is definitely a trend in the market that sales ops is playing an ever increasing role in delivering sales strategies that resonate. With 85% of Australia and New Zealand professionals agreeing that sales ops is becoming increasingly strategic, the value sales ops can add is not being lost on businesses. 

In fact, Trailblazer REA Group shares how its sales ops team is no longer supporting sales strategies but helping define them in our on-demand webinar, Unpacking the State of Sales: Why sales ops are the new sales heroes

While sales ops teams wear many different hats – 68% of global sales ops teams either own or co-own cross-functional work streams – their sales analytical ability is their secret weapon. Sales ops can help identify when the right time is to engage with a customer, predict where a deal is going to land or what gaps in a customer’s business that can be closed. In other words, sales ops can help reps and sales leaders understand their customer better. 

So, now we know how important sales operations are to a sales team, let’s look at what exactly changed for them in the past year.

Fourth edition state of sales - get the report
Fourth edition state of sales - get the report

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