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Two amazing days with 3000 Trailblazers, 100 technical sessions, two Golden Hoodies, 60 job offers and much more. Here are 11 highlights from TrailheaDX India.

TrailheaDX India, the first ever international Salesforce developer conference, was two amazing days of learning, connecting, having fun and giving back. From more than 100 technical sessions, expert-led workshops, networking opportunities and much more, here are 11 highlights.

1. Two Golden Hoodies!

Surbhi Narula empowers women in tech across India and leverages Salesforce as a platform for change – we were delighted to award her a Golden Hoodie in the Opening Keynote to recognise her incredible work. 

Then in the Customer 360 Platform Super Session, we got to relive the excitement again, awarding a second Golden Hoodie to Sagar Pareek, who comes from a small town and now mentors students who want to get into the Salesforce ecosystem.

2. The kids blew us away!

We were blown away by the next generation of Trailblazers as they tackled some of the world’s most pressing problems at Kids’ Coding Camp. Students from the Sukupra school worked together on solutions to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals – we can’t wait to see what these kids do next!

3. The secrets to an Olympic champ’s success 

In a Fireside Chat featuring Olympic badminton champion Saina Nehwal and Salesforce Director of Government Affairs Shweta Rajpal Kohli, Nehwal talked about her motivations, how she handles setbacks and her road to success as a top athlete from India.

4. More than 60 job offers in the Trailblazer Connect career fair

5. 50+ open source Lightning Base Components

Lightning Base Components are the component library built on top of Lightning Web Components. Now, you can jump start your UI development with more than 50 open source Lightning Base Components. 

If you’re already building with Lightning Web Components, you can extend existing components, contribute your code and learn best practices by exploring the source code.

6. Salesforce Evergreen enables functions and microservices using Customer 360 data

Salesforce Evergreen, a new addition to the Customer 360 Platform, enables you to build engaging contextual digital experiences using your Customer 360 data. Evergreen brings elastic compute to your Salesforce workloads through functions that can be invoked directly from Apex, or using Salesforce platform events. 

Evergreen lets development teams build apps and business logic using functions and services with Apex and other languages like Node.js and Java, and leveraging their broad, open source package ecosystems. 

Learn more about Salesforce Evergreen in this article on the Salesforce Developer blog.

7. Integrate cloud apps with Cloud Information Model 

With the new Cloud Information Model, you can integrate cloud apps using a common, shared model among properties. This removes the need to reinvent data structure every time, giving you more time to focus on delivering functionality. 

Because it’s developed under the Linux Foundation, anyone can join and contribute to the world’s first open enterprise standard for building integrations faster and easier.

8. Salesforce Blockchain in Developer Preview

Salesforce Blockchain, introduced at TrailheaDX in San Francisco earlier this year, is now in Developer Preview. 

With Salesforce Blockchain, you can create networks of partners that can use a distributed data model to record digital transactions in a trusted, immutable way – and you can do it through clicks so you can focus on building your app. 

You can build blockchain apps with Lightning Web Components, Flow, Einstein, Bots and more.

9. Iterate faster with Local Development 

To help you build, run and test Lightning Web Components locally, we introduced the Local Development Server. Iterate quickly by running changes on the local server running on localhost — no need to deploy your changes to an org.

10. Anonymise sensitive data in a sandbox

Testing your app with all data in a sandbox is great, but you may not want to expose your data to everybody testing your application in the sandbox. That’s why we now have Salesforce Data Mask, a new feature that allows you to anonymise sensitive data. 

This helps you meet compliance requirements while building your app. Plus, Data Masks anonymises data automatically on Sandbox Creation and Refresh, or manually in an existing sandbox.

11. Create targeted transaction security policies with real-time event monitoring

With new real-time event monitoring features, you can create targeted transaction security policies to avoid data loss. You can configure these policies declaratively using Condition Builder, or programmatically using Apex, and you can define actions for conditions. For example, you can block the user, notify admins or require two-factor authentication. 

Read more about real-time event monitoring in the Winter ’20 release notes.

Get hands-on with the new features announced in the TrailheaDX India Opening Keynote – we’ve created three Trailmixes based on the Keynote chapters: 

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