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Unpacking World Tour Sydney: Everything Marketers Need to Know

At World Tour Sydney 2022, Tina Rozul, Global Director of Product Marketing for Salesforce Digital Experiences, spoke with Ken Kennedy, Head of Digital ANZ at True Alliance on their marketing insights and for digital transformation.

As marketers, the number one rule that we always go back to is know your audience. And no one understands this concept more than the folks behind True Alliance, who help global brands break into the Australian and New Zealand market. So we were pretty excited to get their insights on the latest trends in a digital-first world. At World Tour Sydney 2022, Tina Rozul, Global Director of Product Marketing for Salesforce Digital Experiences, spoke with Ken Kennedy, Head of Digital ANZ at True Alliance. 

In this video, Ken discusses how his team establishes global brands in the ANZ region, the role data plays in that and how their CRM helps them get a 360º view of a customer so they can deliver the automated and personalised interactions that consumers have come to expect. He also shares his predictions for trends in the digital marketing space in 2022 and beyond.

And, if you’re a fan of Marketing Cloud (why, of course you are!) be sure to check out the Main Show from this year’s event where you can learn about the latest Marketing Cloud updates, available on Salesforce+. These enhancements will help marketers further break down silos and help teams work together across business units.

So, jump in to hear the latest marketing insights from Ken Kennedy:

Know the brand inside out

True Alliance has just launched iconic brands Gap and Banana Republic into the Australian market. All of their marketing is based on deep brand knowledge that is adjusted to suit the local market. As an extension of the international brands, the team are custodians of the brands.

Data is your guide

True Alliance want to create a quality experience for each customer, so marketing decisions are based on data. The data fuels everything from email marketing, to paid search, to affiliate marketing, to social channels.

Set up your technology stack

To create a personalised experience for their customers, which includes smart automation, True Alliance’s technology stack is their foundation. This includes Commerce CloudMarketing Cloud and recently they have added in Service Cloud to get the full 360° view of their customers.

Digital first approach

Companies are adjusting to the digital first landscape quickly. Before you dive into the technology, Ken would suggest the organisation take a step back and explore the gaps in your business. Asking questions on what you want to achieve and the gaps you are filling. Then you can shift to the digital first approach, where the channels technology work in tandem to suit your goals.

Want more inspiration? Check out the full World Tour Sydney Main Show on Salesforce+.

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