Blue Sky Services

Salesforce has helped us to understand our customers better and provide our services in a more innovative and efficient way, this type of information is power and is what drives modern businesses.”

Martin S.A. Premachandra | Managing Director


Increase in Service Response Rate


Blue Sky Services opens new doors with Salesforce

Blue Sky Services offers cleaning, facility management and property services to healthcare, government, industrial and commercial organisations. These services are tailored to customer needs, which in areas like healthcare are highly complex and include specific tasks to be completed daily. Salesforce helps Blue Sky Services deliver on these requirements and maintain a 90% customer retention rate. It’s also helping the company expand across Victoria and Western Australia.

“We have had 30% year on year growth over the last four years and have a clear plan to double our growth over the next four years. Signing on new customers and retaining existing ones are equally important, and Salesforce helps us do both by providing great customer service,” said Martin S.A. Premachandra, Managing Director of Blue Sky Services.

Trading paper for best practice

Blue Sky Services currently services over 180 contracts across Victoria and Western Australia and, to deliver on these, its client service managers handle a vast amount of information daily in relation to routine and periodic service requirements. In the past, this information was held in spreadsheets and printed booklets which was complex and time consuming to manage. “We tried many CRMs and even spent time and money building our own, but we were not able to get rid of the paper and manual processes. We finally saw a demonstration of Salesforce and decided that’s what we needed — a centralised hub we could use to digitise processes and bring everything together, including finance,” said Ruwan Wijeyeratne, Project Manager at Blue Sky Services.

Blue Sky Services now uses Sales Cloud to manage all its customers’ requirements as well as staffing information like the specialised skills of each employee. It also raises cases in Service Cloud to manage things like customer feedback and any deviations to the scope of service. Client service managers are able to easily access data and cases on-the-go and from any device, allowing them to use this data in real-time to direct their service teams onsite. This helps to drive a rapid response to customer feedback and ensure customer satisfaction. Also, post completion of each case, the operations analytics team complete a review of what happened and record any learnings to help improve service and prevent future issues. As a result of this, employees are able to respond to incidents 20% faster and repeat customer complaints have been reduced by 30%.

"Working in high risk areas like operating theatres, we need to adhere to the strictest quality standards; and access specific customer information and using Salesforce helps us do that and gives us a competitive edge,” said Premachandra. “Our customer retention is high and our staff retention is also substantial at more than 85%, whereas industry average is about 55%.”

Engaging new customers

Sales Cloud is also helping Blue Sky Services to win new business . It is used to nurture leads throughout the sales cycle which can be as long as 12 Months . It is also used to manage tasks surrounding tenders. These are highly competitive in the commercial cleaning space, but the use of Salesforce has increased Blue Sky Services’ chances of success.

“In the past, we might only make it through to the interview stage 10% of the time, but that’s increased to around 30% now. Salesforce is one of the reasons why as we are able to tell prospective customers how we are using it to manage service needs and it gives them confidence in our processes,” said Premachandra.

Blue Sky Services is also seeing greater success from cross-selling and upselling. Also, rather than writing down opportunities on a piece of paper or in an email, client service managers can capture the details in Sales Cloud to ensure a more thorough follow up.

Scaling for 100% growth

Blue Sky Services is now building out its use of Salesforce to help scale the business. It is using Trailhead to help employees learn new features and plans to roll out Community Cloud next. This will provide customers with a better experience by increasing the visibility of activities like support cases and giving them the flexibility to update and manage their service requirements.

The company also wants to streamline operations by using APIs to integrate some of its current business apps with Salesforce. These include the accounting and finance application,  Reckon QuickBooksⓇ and staff scheduling and tracking applications.

"Having one system to manage the business is very important to me, especially as we grow and plan to open up operations in Queensland and New South Wales over the next couple of years,” said Premachandra. “It will let me see everything that is happening and make it easy to onboard our state managers. They will just need to know how to use Salesforce and they’ll be ready to go.”


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