Boost Sales Productivity & Close More Deals

Matt Dixon shares a masterclass on how to sell smarter
and faster, while building stronger customer relationships with
AI + Data + CRM.


Matt Dixon is one of the world’s leading experts on sales, service and customer experience.

Matt Dixon is an accomplished business researcher and writer, known for his insightful and provocative work in the areas of sales and customer experience. He is the author of Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-selling books: "The JOLT Effect:", “The Challenger Sale”, “The Effortless Experience” and “The Challenger Customer”— and is a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review.

Masterclass Series



How to Overcome Customer Indecision and Accelerate Sales Growth with AI, Data & CRM

Research shows only 28% of sellers expect to hit their quota. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to overcome customer indecision and close more deals with AI & Data.


How AI Can Boost Sales Effectiveness & Productivity

It's a brave new world for sales. Rapid advances in data analytics and AI have made it possible for sellers to improve the effectiveness of everything from opportunity identification and qualification to customer engagement, forecasting and even performance on sales calls.


Unlock Efficiency and Personalized Experiences with AI

When reps invest the time to research their prospects and create a tailored, personalized outreach, they are far more likely to get a positive response. New advances in generative AI promise to dramatically reduce the time it takes to personalize the outreach — allowing reps to hit the quality bar customers are expecting while and achieving productivity and efficiency goals.

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Sales, Service, and Generative AI: New Research on What’s Holding Teams Back.

Salesforce surveyed over 2,000 sales and service professionals on how to get the most value out of Generative AI. Read on to learn more from the research.

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