Build One Team Around the Customer

Who owns customer centricity? Every team member. Unify the team with these collaboration tips.

Who owns customer centricity? Ultimately, everyone does. That means collaboration must be your top priority. The only way to make real change happen is to connect silos and act as a unified team. This way, employees closest to the end customer are empowered to create enduring relationships.

Customer-centric companies have silos, too. They have clear designations of who’s doing what for efficiency. But they equip distinct departments to share, collaborate, and deliver integrated customer experiences — down to even the most junior employees.

Enable every employee to deliver the full force of the company

What happens when a customer has a service issue? They speak to the first person they get from the company, and they don’t care what department the person is in. Unfortunately, and all too often, the customer ends up having to navigate the org chart to get what they want. Employees are simply not empowered to serve the customer’s needs.

Customer-first companies think carefully about the customer experience and develop a customer-centric culture to improve it. They overlay this culture with the tools and information everyone needs to make it easy to collaborate across teams and departments in the service of the customer. These same companies cultivate information transparency and celebrate team behavior.

Get started: Make a plan with internal stakeholders

To start to make this discipline a reality, share your goals and KPIs with peers outside your team — even those that don’t normally work together. Explore how you can help each other, and find goals you can share. Celebrate successes as a broader team as you step away from partitioned, traditional responsibilities.

Review the following list. How can you move from the department-specific approaches on the left to the customer-first set on the right? Have you listened to all perspectives, especially from those who are on the front lines with customers every day? Who is responsible for designing the end-to-end customer experience and where are the internal bottlenecks?


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