Cellebrite redefines the B2B customer experience with Salesforce

Not many companies can claim to make the world a safer place, but for Digital Intelligence company Cellebrite, protecting the public is a way of life. Based in Petah Tikva, and with approximately 800 employees, Cellebrite helps the world’s law enforcement agencies, governments and enterprise organisations to collect and review, analyse and manage critical digital data needed to accelerate justice and ensure data security.

As you’d expect from a high-tech company with world-leading products and services, Cellebrite is blazing a trail in customer experience as well. “Salesforce has helped us build a sophisticated and bespoke customer experience while unlocking 360-degree visibility across the organisation,” said Yoav Silberman, Director of Customer Systems at the company.

And with ambitions to grow its market share and reach more customers in the public and private sector, Salesforce is playing a key role in giving the company its competitive edge.

Let’s take a look at how Cellebrite is giving B2B customers a more consumerised, market-leading experience with Customer 360

Taking a platform approach to digital transformation.

To win more business in the private and public sector markets, speed and simplicity are key. Customers need to be able to purchase, install, and use Cellebrite’s investigative analytics software and solutions quickly and easily with minimal training. Although Cellebrite has used Salesforce as a CRM since 2017, Silberman realised there was an opportunity to enhance and extend the platform to better suit Cellebrite’s growing needs, and give customers an exceptional, world-leading experience that would help the company stand apart from its competitors.

“Salesforce is easily the best CRM on the market. It integrates well with our ERP system and we streamlined lead handling, opportunities, and account management with out-of-the-box functionality,” recalled Silberman. “But that’s just a starting point. With Salesforce Shield providing an extra level of security, we were ready to create custom apps and go beyond simply CRM.”

Cellebrite implemented Salesforce in-house and decided to build up its knowledge of the platform to leverage more of its capabilities. Since 2017 the team leading the digital transformation has grown from two to 16, with four dedicated developers. “Only three of my team had used Salesforce before, but with Trailhead they’ve all become experts at optimising the platform,” said Silberman.

Although the implementation went smoothly, the company wanted to streamline change management and accelerate adoption. It rolled out Salesforce Inbox to encourage users away from the legacy email system, and the Salesforce Mobile App to enable push notifications that drive people to use the platform.

“Everyone at Cellebrite wants to get company-wide visibility with Salesforce Customer 360, so it was important to educate people on their role in using the system properly to create that central repository of data and visibility,” added Silberman.


We’ve transformed the customer journey from a transactional one to really empower them to self-serve and learn.”

Yoav Silberman, Director of Customer Systems

Giving customers greater power to self-serve.

With internal processes simplified, the team turned their attention to the customer. “We’re a best-in-class Digital Intelligence company. Our customers deserve a best-in-class experience, and that means thinking beyond our products and services to who our customers are and the steps they go through across the entire journey,” commented Silberman.

“The Salesforce Platform is the backbone of our self-service portal. We enhanced the front end experience with custom development using the Platform API, and created a Salesforce app as a back end with more functionality and tools for our internal team – what’s great is that both customers and users share a single source of truth, and we have standardised business processes,” explained Silberman.

The custom platform has three key components built with Revenue Cloud, Experience Cloud, and B2B Commerce Cloud. Taking a platform approach has empowered Cellebrite’s customers with faster access to services while streamlining and aligning the whole sales process.

Kicking off a seamless sales experience with touchless quoting.

The first step in creating a great customer experience is keeping things simple for the end user, which can be challenging for a software company selling multiple products all over the world.

Today, when a customer buys a product, they automatically receive a quote and invoice generated by Salesforce CPQ, which is part of Revenue Cloud – in the correct currency, with each customer’s discount automatically configured, and displayed in an attractive PDF format that their procurement team can process. This is followed by a licensing key created via an app built with Heroku as soon as they’ve completed the purchase.

The customer then logs into Cellebrite’s customer portal and triggers a guided workflow where they can use the key to download and install their software.

A foundation for continuous improvement.

The customer community feature went live in January 2018, and in just two years, the team has expanded its functionality so Cellebrite’s customers can manage and register all their devices from one place, watch video tutorials, and download the latest software updates. They can also use the Live Chat feature of Service Cloud to get in touch with a service agent, get responses to simple queries from chatbots, and launch processes from the portal.

For example, when customers need to roll out Cellebrite software to large numbers of devices, an automated workflow on the portal means they can expedite the process and complete the setup within minutes, instead of taking a team of people several days.

The customer community is also a space for collaboration, and Cellebrite has developed a forum where conversations can be conducted with the utmost privacy. It has a closed discussion group where customers can communicate privately with product managers and each other under anonymised avatars, to maintain high levels of confidentiality. “If someone has an issue with the product, they can ask our experts or each other for help,” added Silberman. “We’ve transformed the customer journey from a transactional one to really empower them to self-serve and learn.”

Consumerising the B2B sales experience.

The self-service portal is also proving a hit with customers. Not only do they love using it, they’ve become more confident and proactive around how they engage with Cellebrite via digital channels – as demonstrated when the company launched B2B Commerce Cloud in September 2020. “Before we’d so much as launched a marketing campaign to tell customers that our webshop was there, they’d already found it and were making purchases,” revealed Silberman.

With Salesforce, the team has simplified B2B selling to give customers a more B2C-like experience, automating historically manual processes such as managing personalised price books and discounts for different customers, while making it easier for customers to search, order and reorder multiple SKUs and product packages. The B2B ecommerce portal, built on B2B Commerce Cloud and Heroku, scales to support Cellebrite’s global sales operation that spans across languages and a variety of currencies.

“It’s really important to know your customers. Salesforce gives us better visibility into who our customers are as well as the specific challenges their businesses are facing. For example we learned that many of them were putting our products on their own credit cards to get access to services faster, so we built a platform where they can pay by card in just three clicks,” Silberman explained. This B2B ecommerce portal has resulted in Cellebrite reaching more than 50% increase in self-service orders than before.

B2B Commerce Cloud is also integrated with CPQ and the CRM allowing customers to handle renewals on their own without needing to engage an agent. This low-touch but highly personalised approach creates a smoother sales cycle, which is better for the sales rep – who can focus on more value-added tasks – and has increased customer satisfaction, helping Cellebrite to build stronger relationships with customers with 360-degree visibility across the business.

Getting smarter with artificial intelligence.

To get even closer to its customers, the sales team is leveraging the power of data with Tableau CRM. For example, by combining customer data with external product data, the sales teams can look at how many users are registered on each device. Einstein then creates a colour-coded list, alerting the sales team to devices with multiple users, right inside of the CRM

“If too many people are using a device it can cause a bottleneck in the customer’s investigation and impact productivity. Tableau CRM makes it easy to spot which customers we can potentially reach out to and proactively start a new sales conversation,” said Silberman.

With data centralised on a single platform, the whole company can not only make smarter business decisions, but also start using AI to become more predictive.

For example, the team implemented Einstein lead scoring to help the marketing department prioritise lead nurturing and monitor the quality of new prospects. They’re also using Einstein Prediction Builder to analyse the renewal or attrition risk for each customer: “Einstein Prediction Builder will allow us to generate predictions on our custom objects, and tackle use cases that are very specific to our company,” said Silberman.

Next on the agenda, the team is planning to leverage Salesforce to further optimise its marketing campaigns. “We already use Marketing Cloud for social listening so we can learn what our customers are saying about ourselves and our competitors in public forums. Next we’ll be connecting this to our Customer 360 view to help sales drive better conversations with their customers and prospects,” Silberman explained.

With Salesforce, Cellebrite is empowered to be a digital trailblazer inside out, mirroring R&D and technology excellence with an exceptional customer experience. Both staff and customers are free to focus on the tasks that matter most to them, ultimately helping teams in the public and private sector access crucial evidence faster to close more cases across the world.


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