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Detectify helps more customers secure their online attack surface with Salesforce

Detectify and its community of crowdsourced ethical hackers are on a mission: to make the internet a safer place. As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, so do innovative solutions, like the company’s Application Scanning and Surface Monitoring tools that continuously scan customers’ online surfaces for the latest vulnerabilities to help protect their business and build safer web apps.

Detectify aspires to make business-critical web security solutions available to everyone, and with Salesforce, it’s reaching the right customers with the right level of support at the right time. And in the past year, Detectify’s average deal size has grown 126% without increasing headcount.

“Marc Benioff advised finding a flexible business model that fits customers from small start-ups through to Fortune 500s. With Salesforce, we can automatically route prospects on a journey tailored for their business,” said Carl-Fredrik Wållgren, Head of Acquisition and Growth at Detectify. 

This is part of a customer-driven, inside-out approach to operations that’s helping Detectify to become one of the fastest growing companies in the sector.

One product, five customer profiles

Detectify was founded in 2013 and has received global recognition for its ethical hacker research that powers its security solutions. The multi-award-winning company works with a community of handpicked hackers to turn the latest attack methods into security tests that are run against customers’ systems.

Online threats are constantly evolving and attackers move fast, so the sooner companies know about the latest bugs, the better for everyone. While Detectify is as suitable for modern Saas  businesses as it is for companies who are still on the journey towards digitalization , one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to winning new business.

As Carl-Fredrik Mellbin, Senior Manager, Sales Strategy and Operations, explains, “We defined five customer profiles based on criteria such as the size of the company and how techy they are, for example. They all get the same benefits, starting with a free trial, but we tailor the experience so they get the right level of support and guidance for their needs.”

Creating a central, integrated platform

To take sales to the next level, the company needed a fit-for-purpose CRM platform. In 2019, it rolled out Sales Cloud with Service Cloud and Pardot. 

“We needed a solution that was scalable, easy to customise, and integrated well with our technology stack,” added Mellbin. “Our goal is to automate as many processes as possible so we can scale rapidly and free up our team to focus on giving customers a great experience.”

Working with a partner, the team customised the platform to build trigger-based actions and automate processes such as lead scoring. Salesforce is integrated with other workplace technology to create a seamless workspace and bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

Automating lead routing

Today, when a customer visits Detectify’s website and starts a trial, they’re automatically captured as a lead in Salesforce. A solution integrated with Sales Cloud enriches the customer’s data to build a profile, which was previously a manual process requiring reps to collect insights from up to five sources.

The lead is then scored and routed to the most appropriate customer journey. For self-service customers requiring a low touch experience, Pardot kicks in with a lead nurturing journey including best practices on how to use the solution.

Enterprise and mid-market leads go to the Sales Development team and on to dedicated Account and Customer Success teams. “Leads used to come to me to be allocated manually. We’ve streamlined the whole process with Salesforce, which means it takes minutes instead of 48 hours to get in touch with our inbound leads,” recalled Mellbin. “Faster routing also increases the conversion rate”.

Rich insights drive a data-centric culture

For enterprise customers, in-bound sales reps proactively reach out to schedule demos and get the prospect started with their free trial. With richer information captured in Salesforce, the team understands how Detectify can add value to each customer both now and in the future to help them get the most from their investment.

Better data also helps to create a health score for customers, and being able to identify the customers most at risk of churn means the team can intervene to tailor the customer experience and try to retain the account.

“It can be difficult to define a health score when you operate a SaaS model, but I was impressed at how easy it is in Salesforce,” said Wållgren. “Everyone really understands how the system works and we’re all on the same page in terms of what makes a healthy business – not just our revenue, but how we can reduce churn and cost of acquisition.”

This data driven culture has trickled down from executive level to front line sales reps. Using custom dashboards, everyone can monitor performance metrics relating to their role, track targets, and identify which tactics or campaigns are the most effective.

“Salesforce is our single source of truth. We’re still working on achieving 360-degree visibility, but having everyone speaking the same language means we can have better conversations about how to improve our business,” Wållgren commented.

In the past year, better qualified leads have led to a 30% increase in opportunities with a total  value 59% higher than previously. While win rates have remained steady, average deal size has more than doubled because the team can identify the most valuable opportunities to pursue.

The journey’s only just beginning

As Detectify continues to optimise its environment, it plans to create more structured campaigns in Pardot and to better evaluate the impact of marketing activities using real data. 

“Pardot makes it a lot easier to look under the hood and personalise messaging at scale,” said Wållgren. “My team uses Trailhead to learn best practices and how to use the solution.”

The company is currently trialling Salesforce Anywhere to make it easier to collaborate on records, and uses Einstein for forecasting to help make smarter business decisions. 

Next on the agenda, the company is considering CPQ to make quoting and billing more efficient, and may use Marketing Cloud for self-serve customers who prefer a more consumer-like experience.

“Salesforce will always be the first partner we turn to when we want to roll out more functionality in the future,” said Mellbin. “Together, we’re well on the way to achieving our growth targets and making the internet a safer place.”


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