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With Salesforce, we can adapt our processes and align our people to provide a more consistent and customer-centric service.”

— Robert Hansen, Head of Salesforce | CRM, Norway Post

Norway Post unifies its business and the customer experience with Salesforce

Elsa works in Norway Post´s Swedish distribution centre. Anders works in the company’s delivery department in Norway. Although Elsa and Anders work in different teams and different countries, they collaborate seamlessly to deliver mail and logistics solutions to thousands of customers.

“With Salesforce, our employees can access the same information, deliver to the same SLAs, and ensure our customers always receive an impeccable experience,” said Robert Hansen, Head of Salesforce | CRM at Norway Post.

Norway Post has been delivering Norway’s mail since the 1600s. During the last decade, the company has expanded its services and geographical reach across the Nordics through a series of acquisitions.

Norway Post serves both consumer and business customers via its two brands – Posten and Bring. To support future growth, Norway Post has embarked on a group-wide transformation programme. “To boost profitability and customer centricity, we need to bring our brands, our processes, and our people closer together,” said Hansen.


With Salesforce, I can help colleagues work faster and smarter by continually optimising our processes.”

Robert Hansen, Head of Salesforce | CRM at Norway Post.

Unified teams and processes makes things simpler for customers.

As part of the initiative, the company’s leaders decided to replace its multiple systems and spreadsheets with a single CRM platform. “Our aim is to make every day simpler for our customers by bringing the world closer,” explained Hansen. “With Salesforce, we’re a more unified business, and that’s reflected in the customer experience.”

Norway Post has already seen the difference a unified approach can make: its customer services team have used Service Cloud since 2011. “Service Cloud has brought more structure and control to how we handle cases across teams, countries, and channels,” said Knut Veiulf Holme, Senior Advisor for Services. “Whether a customer wants to book a delivery or query a parcel, they can do it in the same way and get a professional and consistent response.”

Centralised information means faster resolution of customer queries.

More than 500 customer service agents across 12 departments use Service Cloud on a daily basis. With better access to both customer and service information and easier escalations between teams, agents can reduce the time spent handling cases and provide a faster resolution for customers.

Reporting is also far more efficient. “Salesforce has created a whole new world of reporting for managers,” said Murat Kutluay, Senior Salesforce Analyst. “They can track the team’s activities and see if there are any bottlenecks, which helps them identify any changes that need to be made to improve processes.”

Norway Post taps into a constant flow of innovation.

As the transformation at Norway Post gathers momentum, the company’s leaders hope to achieve similar results across other business functions. Marketing campaigns, sales outreach, and team collaboration are now all powered by Salesforce. “Salesforce has the functionality and scalability we need and we like the development tempo. There’s a constant flow of innovation and we want to be part of that,” said Hansen.

And Hansen and his trailblazing colleagues have been quick to start innovating. In 2017, they launched an online community that enables the distribution team to log any delivery issues, which can be viewed by service agents when responding to customer queries. “With Community Cloud, we can make it easier and quicker for our teams to share information,” said Holme.

Richer content and simpler processes boost marketing efforts.

Norway Post is also transforming how it communicates with its B2B customers. “We want to create more relevant and impactful marketing campaigns,” explained Lillian Sandstad, Marketing Cloud Manager at Norway Post. “With Marketing Cloud, we can push out richer content more easily.”

The marketing team currently uses the solution to send promotional emails to around 100,000 customers and prospects. “Thanks to Marketing Cloud’s AB testing features, we can refine email subject lines and content based on how people respond to different options,” explained Sandstad.

Greater visibility of sales pipeline and performance.

By integrating Marketing Cloud with its website, Norway Post can create customer journeys that automate the sharing of content and capturing of lead details. When a B2B lead is handed over to sales, every call, email, and meeting can be tracked through to conversion.

“We’ve streamlined and automated the B2B sales cycle with Sales Cloud and Tableau CRM,” said Hansen. “With all prospect and pipeline information now centralised, sales reps and managers can see how they are performing against their targets in personalised dashboards.” 

Constant innovation drives stronger competitive advantage.

Norway Post´s transformation has already improved how it connects with customers and prospects – but this is only the beginning for the trailblazing leadership team. It also wants to simplify supplier management, become more predictive about sales, and enrich staff development. “We’re planning to use myTrailhead to build our own trails to help employees improve their skills and progress in their careers,” explained Hansen.

Every improvement and innovation help to boost competitive advantage for Norway Post. “With Salesforce, we can adapt our processes and align our people to provide a more consistent and customer-centric service, which will help to grow our business,” said Hansen.


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