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Pernod Ricard boosts innovation with Salesforce

The most successful companies never stop innovating. Take beverage giant Pernod Ricard, which traces its roots back to 1805 (Pernod) and 1932 (Ricard). In 2012, Forbes ranked the company the most innovative in France—and number 15 worldwide. Instead of resting on its laurels, Pernod Ricard started looking for a tool to increase collaboration and take innovation to the next level. Since most employees were already using social networks at home, it seemed an obvious choice to create a company-wide social network using Salesforce Chatter.

“Chatter is the ideal tool to link up our employees across the world,” says Alexandre Ricard, CEO. At first, a few thousand employees were brought online. Just half a year later, all 17,000+ employees across 80 countries were invited in. “And with the Salesforce Mobile App, we can use it for instant and real-time access to information no matter where we are. It’s a tremendous leap forward,” continues Ricard. Sales teams across the globe use the Salesforce Mobile App to stay connected, and employees use it to post questions and share ideas with management.

Chatter is also helping generate excitement for new products. To introduce the new Absolut Greyhound line, a junior marketing manager in Brazil suggested a clever launch stunt: why not create a virtual race of greyhounds on the streets of San Paolo? She filmed her idea and posted it in Chatter - and within hours, marketing heads from Australia to Peru wanted greyhound videos, too.

So she posted a set of instructions to help teams make their own. The video delighted customers and caught like wildfire online, creating a huge success with 25 million views and massive sales. All in less than 15 days. And all from a junior marketing manager who typically would not have a voice.


We can use Salesforce for instant and real-time access to information no matter where we are. It’s a tremendous leap forward.”


Building connections through external communities

Chatter is also helping Pernod Ricard connect with partners to better serve customers. “Chatter is only the beginning of a truly digital ecosystem,” explains Olivier Cavil, the Group Communications Director. With Salesforce Communities,  Pernod Ricard Chatter is opening up to external partners, and soon to consumers. ““Salesforce Communities will make effective collaboration with our distributors easier,” adds Cavil.

“All of our brands can build community with customers and consumers. It’s up to us with our creative spirit to bring these communities in our new digital ecosystem to life, while respecting the authenticity and heritage of our brands.”


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