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With Salesforce, we’re making it easier and faster for organisations and society as a whole to achieve their sustainability goals.”

Teun van Schijndel, FastLane Co-Founder and Business Owner
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Cuts time and cost of reducing buildings’ carbon footprint


Royal HaskoningDHV lays foundations for a carbon-neutral future

Sometimes business success can be measured in more than just profit or loss. Engineering and project management consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV has its sights set on tackling one of the biggest issues facing us today: climate change.
The company has developed a ground-breaking approach to making the world’s buildings greener using its FastLane approach, which is built on Salesforce. And there’s a lot to play for. Buildings are accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related CO2 emissions, based on research by the International Energy Agency.

FastLane increases collaboration, transparency, and agility, helping achieve sustainability faster.

With global temperatures rising and energy costs spiralling, 195 countries signed the Paris Agreement in 2016, and with the EU committing to cutting emissions by 40% by 2030, the stakes are high for the owners of real estate. With FastLane, Royal HaskoningDHV set its target to make energy and CO2 emission reductions 30% faster and more cost effective with more collaborative, transparent, and agile processes.

“Of course, we want to increase revenue and make a healthy profit, but the biggest KPI for us is making the world more sustainable,” said Roland Hofstra, Lead Product Owner for FastLane. “In the long-term, FastLane will help reduce the costs of becoming sustainable for our customers, which is better for society and better for us.


With Salesforce, we’re cutting the time and cost of achieving a carbon-neutral future.”

FastLane Co-Founder and Business Owner Teun van Schijndel

Eliminating silos with greater transparency transforms the AEC industry.

The biggest barrier to cutting the environmental footprint of factories, hospitals, or office blocks isn’t technology or finance. It’s the culture and mindsets of people and organisations. The siloed culture in the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) sector that often exists between building owners, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders can hamper access to information about a building, slowing the process down and increasing unnecessary costs.
Many of Royal HaskoningDHV’s clients – including players in industry, commercial real estate, and the public sector – have portfolios of 1,000-plus buildings. “Details needed to get better insight into a building’s energy consumption are either unknown or buried amongst many different types of data,” explained Hofstra. “Gathering and structuring all this information was a time-consuming, error-prone process – until now.”

FastLane gives full transparency and access to this information to everyone at Royal HaskoningDHV, and its customers and partners, from strategic board level to operational asset managers and engineers. Via dynamic dashboards built on Tableau CRM, employees, partners and customers alike can view vital information such as building data, suggested measures, and portfolio business cases, enabling a more collaborative approach.

Automation and agility help set a new industry standard.

The FastLane team launched their ground-breaking solution in 2017. The platform, which is based on Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Salesforce Lightning Platform, and Heroku, was first implemented across Royal HaskoningDHV teams in early 2018. Now, following thorough testing with early adopter building portfolio owners in the Netherlands, it’s ready to scale up in March 2019.

“The adoption of FastLane initiates a complete culture change throughout the organisation in terms of how we approach the way we work at Royal HaskoningDHV, including project and program management,” explained FastLane Co-Founder and Business Owner Teun van Schijndel. “It makes the journey from A to Z run more smoothly with greater automation and agility, setting a new standard in the industry. In the past, you would write a report and it would soon be out of date because, for example of financial, technology, legislation, and stakeholder dynamics.

“Now insights can be updated on the fly, which reduces the decision-making processes from years to months, and will hopefully eventually go from weeks to days. Community Cloud is really powerful in allowing us to do this. It allows us to share all the data we have collected on Einstein dashboards with customers and easily communicate what data or insights are missing, so we can build more accurate dashboards. It’s a whole new way of working.”

FastLane doesn’t just improve results for Royal HaskoningDHV’s customers though – it also accelerates the company’s sales cycle. “With greater transparency, we decrease the amount of time and effort it takes to do things, increasing trust and impact, and putting the joy back into collaboration,” said van Schijndel. “FastLane frees up our experts and sales consultants, so rather than focusing on stats and figures, they can focus on building customer relationships – we aim to automate all the mundane and time-consuming tasks so they can really add value.”

Bespoke apps and AI power sophisticated modelling.

Van Schijndel and his team are supplementing the FastLane solution with a bespoke mobile app, built on Heroku, which will automate the modelling process for building inspections. “Using the app, our energy transition scouts can go into the building, effectively source all the necessary information and create a virtual parametric model of the building,” explained van Schijndel. “We can then make advanced calculations to determine the energy needs of a building and model the best solutions.”

By replacing manual calculations – which currently have to be performed one at a time by engineers – with automated modelling, Royal HaskoningDHV can at the same time reduce time and increase quality while building up an intelligent database of deep domain knowledge.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to become a more prominent feature of FastLane too. In the future, the FastLane team plans to use Einstein to build in predictive capabilities. By crunching Royal HaskoningDHV’s growing mass of historical data, FastLane will be able to determine how the greatest efficiency savings could be delivered on, for instance, a €1 billion portfolio, even prior to inspection.

FastLane accelerates the journey to a carbon-neutral future.

Further developments on the cards for Summer 2019 include the roll out of Salesforce CPQ to automate the quotation process, further shortening the sales cycle. “Using Salesforce CPQ will make the process of gaining consensus with stakeholders run more smoothly and quickly,” added van Schijndel.

The company is also looking into myTrailhead to onboard and educate its building scouts and experts. “We’re scaling up quickly and will need to train lots of new scouts, who are responsible for inspecting buildings,” explained van Schijndel. “We’re already extensive users of Trailhead to learn more about Salesforce, but in the future we plan to develop our own training materials on myTrailhead to onboard new scouts. Our aim for 2019 is to shift to more collaboration with our clients, partners and competitors, the challenge is too big and urgent to do it alone.”

With FastLane and Salesforce, Royal HaskoningDHV is cutting the time and money involved in making buildings carbon-neutral, which will help its customers achieve their compliance and company goals faster. “First estimations indicate an investment of $40 trillion will be needed to make the carbon savings we need from buildings by 2050. On average that’s $5,000 per person worldwide,” said van Schijndel. “What if we could save society $13 trillion and have a carbon-neutral built environment 10 years earlier? Together with Salesforce, our moonshot is to reduce time and costs globally by 30%, helping us and society to achieve our sustainability goals much faster.”

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