Salesforce Live: Belgium



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Theater Sessions

The unique success story of how Perrigo Belgium is driving omnichannel sales through e-Commerce with Salesforce.

Joining us on stage:
Chris Timmerman, Managing Partner at Waeg, an IBM Company
Caroline Swens, Lead E-Hub at Perrigo Belgium

Digital skills and talent gap - Training skilled and experienced refugees and adding world-class talent to the Salesforce ecosystem

Join Leán Muller from RefugeeForce to learn more about how the team recruits and trains skilled refugees, and matches them with employers to launch their Salesforce careers. Trusted by leading Salesforce partners, customers, and ISVs, RefugeeForce partners with ambitious organisations looking to build diversity and create scalable digital talent.

Joining us on stage:
Leán Muller, RefugeeForce

ENGIE's long history as utilities market leader stems from their ability to be a pioneer of innovations, to invest in the right technologies and to form the right partnerships. In this session, Robbie will shed some light on ENGIE's transformative track and how Capgemini supported them along the way.

Joining us on stage:
Lilith Van Biesen, Salesforce Certified Technical Architect, Capgemini
Robbie Dugardijn, Chapter Lead Salesforce, ENGIE

Opening Keynote

Get ready for a dazzling Keynote, where we look ahead and share the playbook for success in this new world. Featuring trailblazers like Deloitte, Barry Callebaut, Neuhaus, Care4Growing and River Cleanup, and visionary product demos.

Breakout Sessions

Delivering excellent service is key for DPD Belgium to thrive in a highly competitive market. The organisation’s 4 C’s model; care avoidance, care automation, care quality, and care efficiency, lays the foundation for a new way of working. Learn how Salesforce technology supports them every step of the way. For example, with scalable complaint and claim handling, every team is enabled to deliver the best customer experience possible.
In order to stay relevant, organisations need to embrace change. Join this session, hosted by MuleSoft, to learn how you can become an organisation that delivers business outcomes and adapts to the pace of business change. We will explain what you need to become a Composable Enterprise, how to get started, and how MuleSoft can support you on this journey.

Digital transformation in the public sector is hotter than ever. Citizens expect a seamless interaction with every branch of government, with the pandemic accelerating the need for digital services. Hear how Salesforce is supporting government agencies around the world in their transformations.

Joining us on stage:

Jérôme Schumacher, Brussels-Capital Region

Knowing your customer is imperative to creating relevant, omni-channel customer journeys. And capturing the right data is increasingly important to enabling this. Neuhaus shares with us how the company has activated data and customer insights to create meaningful marketing moments.

Joining us on stage:
Kelly Notterdam, eCommerce Manager, Neuhaus
Quentin Magnette, Digital Marketing Manager, Neuhaus
Joffrey Loquet, Business Application Manager, Neuhaus
Delphine Emond, Senior Account Executive B2B Commerce Cloud, Salesforce

Learn how Ethias set up a new startup to adapt their business model and face the disruption in the insurance industry. Start without technical and cultural debt with the mindset of 'Let's disrupt ourselves before being disrupted!' 

Joining us on stage:
Fabian Delhaxhe, Venture Co-lead, Flora by Ethias

Discover how Cerba Research is leveraging Salesforce to support its exponential growth. From streamlining operations with automated processes to leveraging data in more actionable ways, Cerba Research is yielding greater efficiency and putting its customers first.

Joining us on stage:
Jessie Patteet, Business Operations Lead, Cerba Research
Robert O'Donovan, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce

How can your digital transformation have an impact? In this session, Touring will share how it orchestrates a frictionless customer experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Learn how the company has built personalised programs with a focus on retention, scalability, and lead generation that really moves the needle.

Joining us on stage:
David Van Den Broeck, CRM & Lifecycle Manager, Touring
Philippe Litière, Senior Account Executive, Salesforce

What if you had a platform that connects everyone in your business—employees, customers, and partners—and integrates easily with the apps you use every day? Join the Slack breakout session and hear from Slack and Talkwalker about the Digital HQ.

Learn how Talkwalker fosters collaboration and employee engagement, engages with new joiners, and streamlines onboarding processes with intelligent and time-saving onboarding workflows that deliver impact at scale.

Joining us on stage:
Santiago Marco, Enablement Team Lead, Talkwalker
Freek Lemmers, Regional Vice President Cloud Sales, Salesforce

Innovation has changed the way work gets done. Data now sits at the center of decision making and is the engine driving businesses forward. Join this session, hosted by Tableau, to find out how sales people can become truly data driven.

Learn how glass specialist and fast-growing company Sprimoglass is transforming the way it services customers. Supported by a 360-degree view of its customers, discover how the company is modernising sales with automated processes, actionable insights, and a scalable application and IT landscape.

Joining us on stage:
Frédéric De Gucht, Executive Director, Sprimoglass

In a shifting industry subject to uncertainty, 93% of executives say driving revenue growth is a top goal. However, growing customer expectations, increasingly complex channels, and increasing competition is making it challenging for retail and consumer goods brands to drive profit.

Join the RCG breakout where Salesforce Industry experts and Elke Laeremans, CIO at TORFS, will discuss how retailers and consumer goods companies must re-think B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and employee engagement holistically to build success.

Joining us on stage:
Elke Laeremans, CIO, TORFS
Loic Chaboud, Salesforce

Learn how Barco harmonises sales processes to pave end to end operational excellence, creating a customer 360° view on all direct and channel sales and supporting activities.

Joining us on stage:
Wesley Vandewalle, Director Digital Solutions, Barco

Theater Sessions

Join this session where Deloitte and Salesforce will share the story of ABN Amro Insurance which has embarked in a full front to back digital transformation powered by the Salesforce platform.

By following this session you will learn about:

  1. How Financial Service Cloud and Experience Cloud have accelerated Customer and Broker Relationship Management
  2. How Salesforce Industries for Insurance is powering the core insurance engine of ABN Amro Insurance
  3. Key lessons learned about this multi businesses, clouds and stakeholders transformation

Joining us on stage:
Cedric Deleuze, Deloitte
Julien Gaufriez, Deloitte
Paul Kroon, Salesforce

Professional Services, Customer Success Manager, Support, Alliance&Channel : The 4 musketeers at your service. Join us to know more about the teams and how to engage in your success together.

Joining us on stage:
Cécile Kempeneers, Salesforce
Sven De Leeuw, Salesforce

Building customer loyalty by delivering a whole new experience was the challenge for Accor who implemented its “Augmented Customer Experience” program. Organizational impacts, user adoption, skills development… Accenture will explain how these challenges were overcome and opportunities seized. 

Joining us on stage:
Aymen Chenchah, Senior Manager, Accenture

Thomas, Head of Commerce at FORWARD will share his knowledge and experience on a Headless approach for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Get to know more about the tool and its advantages.

Joining us on stage:
Thomas Theunen, Head of Commerce, FORWARD

OneSpan provides industry-leading security and e-signature solutions protecting people, devices, and transactions from fraud.
Learn how OneSpan utilizes Rootstock Cloud ERP, Salesforce CPQ and Workday to achieve digital transformation to resolve their needs.

Joining us on stage:
Sanja Holzer, Director Business Applications, OneSpan

Once upon a time... Join us for the history of a CloudCraze migration to B2B Lightning and MuleSoft. You'll hear from the Barry Callebaut Team, represented by Anais Loits, Digital Project Manager and Bart Goosens, Business Analyst, about how they are empowering sales representatives to negotiate and manage their sales more easily.

Joining us on stage:
Anais Loits, Digital Project Manager, Barry Callebaut
Bart Goosens, Business Analyst, Barry Callebaut

Join us to discover why Salesforce, Mulesoft and Tableau combined make an excellent multi-cloud solution. Learn through a tangible use case how this combination gives you the power to easily access, analyze and turn your business data into actionable insights to help you achieve your business goals.

Joining us on stage:
Arnaud Nullens, Strategic Business Director, Spire
Dieter Vanhoof, Mulesoft Integration Developer, Bewire
Nicolas Beunen, Tableau Solution Manager, Biztory

Join Olivier Tricot (Ahold Delhaize) and Nicolas Vanden Bossche (Salesforce) in this session about bringing success to Ahold Delhaize. They’ll uncover how this was achieved by building a solid multi-cloud, multi-brand foundation for their Salesforce implementation across Marketing and Service Cloud, and by constructing a true delivery factory on top.

Joining us on stage:
Olivier Tricot, Domain Lead Customer Engagement, Ahold Delhaize

Closing Keynote

About Karl Raats:

He was destined to become a rhinoceros. A secret he entrusted his brother with, when he was five. After his dad had slapped him on the wrist for playing in the dirt, again. A little later he redirected his efforts towards becoming a goalkeeper. Down in the dirt again, even more laundry but slightly more socially acceptable. Eventually he became a journalist. And after that a business developer. And then a marketing director. And a teacher after that. Or, as a client of his once reframed it, ‘Karl, you have the most astounding portfolio CV.’
And all of a sudden, there she was, the professional love of his life: creative thinking. Ever since that day he’s been wallowing in corporate creativity’s horn of plenty, shamelessly, like a five-year-old that knows becoming a rhinoceros is the greatest possible good. Hands just a dirty, less laundry this time around.

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