Connect at 9:30 a.m. CET for an action-packed day of power sessions for every role centred around one theme - how to reopen safely, digitize quickly and get back to growth.

All breakout sessions will be available on-demand from 11:00 a.m CET to 5 p.m CET

Central & Eastern Europe Room


The digital transformation imperative has never been stronger. Business leaders face more uncertainty today than they have for decades. Different businesses, industries and geographies are operating at different paces, but we are all on a path forward to create a better tomorrow.

Join us for a live-streamed keynote to learn how to stabilise, reopen for business, and grow in the new normal. Hear from our customer Trailblazers Netguru, Santander Bank Polska, MOL Group and IDEA StatiCa, Atlas Insurance in exclusive interviews on they use technology to empower their business and connect better with their customers.

Trailblazers Sessions

Customer 360: Salesforce for Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce and IT

IT leaders all over the world have been on the front lines of the rapid and dramatic change in the way the world works. Successful IT leaders are laser-focused on setting up the tools and processes necessary to to drive their businesses forward in this period of great uncertainty. Learn how the Salesforce Platform is helping technology leaders empower their employees with tools and processes that lighten their load and drive greater productivity in this all-digital work-anywhere environment.

Small and Medium Businesses have long been known for their innovation and agility. Every day businessowners, entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups alike are creating, collaborating, and innovating to forge their own paths, grow and scale. Even during challenging times or periods of uncertainty, SMBs who want to stay on the right path need to keep innovating and find tools and strategies that will help them stay ahead. A productive team, a customer-centric culture and the right technology stack are paramount to this.

Join us to:

  • Hear how trailblazers are applying this winning formula to revolutionise their industry.
  • Learn how you too can scale technologies and processes quickly to future-proof your business model and navigate uncertainty.
  • Discover how placing the customer experience at the center of your business will help you grow faster.

The last few months have seen rapid changes for every business across all industries. Businesses are implementing new digital technologies faster than ever before. Sales organisations have enabled remote working for their employees to support customers and the business.

Now, looking into the future, organisations in every industry are asking ‘how do we activate business growth and adapt to shifting business needs?’ Customer 360 Sales helps organisations to gain business visibility and identify the best Go-To-Market strategy in a new, rapidly changing market landscape, empowering sales teams to drive value and customer success.

Join this session to discover how Salesforce Customer 360 Service enables your company to build a trusted, engaging relationship with your customers. 

Learn how to connect with your customers on the channels of their preference, and how to scale your operation in a smart way with Einstein AI and help your agents to rapidly respond to customer needs on any channel or on the field. 

With Customer 360 Service, see how to improve your customer experience through a unified view of every customer interaction across your business, and improve the productivity of your service agents, even from home. 

Data management: Integration and Analytics

Data and the ability to analyze it effectively are more critical now than ever. Having a flexible analytics solution that can handle any data and any use case for all users is essential.

Join this session to learn how Tableau and Einstein Analytics are joining forces to work across your entire enterprise and aid your company’s digital transformation. See how customers can use these two products together to drive additional value. Watch a demo of Einstein Analytics in action and see how it leverages advanced AI capabilities to help teams be more productive.

Data has become the lifeblood of every critical decision made today. It's also the foundation of digital transformation. That's why organizations everywhere, across all industries and departments, from global enterprises to non-profits, are empowering their people with data. With Tableau they are finding opportunities in their business that they have never seen before.

Learn ways data can help you lead through substantial changes, and hear inspiring stories about resilience from others in our remarkable data community.

Learn how technology and business teams can use MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform and API-led connectivity architectural approach to create connected experiences and drive business agility.


Join this session to learn more about Vlocity, a Salesforce Company - the latest addition to the Salesforce portfolio following the acquisition which closed in June 2020. Vlocity is a leading provider of industry-specific cloud and mobile software for the world’s top communications, media and entertainment, energy, utilities, insurance, health, and government organisations, helping customers increase sales and digital adoption, improve service, marketing agility, and operational efficiencies.
In this deep dive session Ignancio Prieto, Director of Solution Consulting for MEE will discuss the reasons behind Vlocity's explosive growth, how they are building the next generation of industry software as well as a short demonstration of a Vlocity Communications Suite use case.
Meet the next generation shaping the future of shopping. Consumer beliefs, values and behaviors are changing fast amid COVID-19. To keep up with—and perhaps even influence—those changes, companies must engage their consumers in new ways, leveraging deep consumer insights. Richard Turtle discusses how retailers need to rethink both digital and in-store sales to shape emerging habits and how Salesforce Customer 360 is helping retailers reimagine and shift their business to meet the needs of the new and future consumer. 
More information coming soon. 
More information coming soon. 

Thought Leadership

In these current times, sales teams are working differently than ever before. Sales teams are working from everywhere which makes it difficult to maintain manager visibility, work together in real-time, and close deals efficiently. That is why we built Salesforce Anywhere - which helps sales teams sell anywhere and accelerate their business. In this session, you will learn how Salesforce Anywhere helps boost your team visibility, keep your reps focused, and help keep reps proactive to close more deals faster.
Regain confidence in spite of today's unprecedented uncertainty with the latest Salesforce COVID Scenarios, created by renowned futurist Peter Schwartz and his team -- Mick Costigan, Noah Flower, and Angela Gleason. 
From curious to courageous. Everyone can be an Equality Ally, but how? Equality is a core value at Salesforce, and a key way we drive equality in our company is by building a culture of belonging where everyone feels seen, heard, and empowered to succeed. Employees who feel their voice is heard at work are nearly five-times (4.6X) more likely to perform their best work. Everyone has a role to play in creating a culture of belonging and driving equality in the workplace. That's where allies come in. In this episode, we’ll walk you through how Salesforce demonstrates Equality and what allyship is and how to become an Equality ally.

This guided visualisation is pure relaxation for the busy mind.

During this session our mind relaxation coach will lead a deeply relaxing experience aimed at helping the mind and body to unwind and let go of unnecessary tension.

This session provides a rare moment to stop and allow the mind and the body to relax, gaining all of the stress-relieving benefits that come as a result of this.

Science tells us that as little as 60 seconds of focused breathing can move the body into a calm, relaxed state.

During this session our mindfulness coach will lead a mindful breathing exercise aimed at helping the mind and body to unwind and let go of unnecessary tension.

This calming 5 minutes will allow an opportunity to stop, recharge and regain focus.

A relaxing stretch session incorporating gentle, unwinding movements designed to be performed whilst seated.

During this experience our mindfulness coach will guide participants through a low intensity “unwind” routine specifically to help stretch out the muscles that get tight through many hours spent sitting at a desk.

This is a gentle, no-sweat stretch session that will help to focus and energise in the midst of a busy day.

Central & Eastern Europe Partner Sessions

Join our rountable to hear from our guest speakers within the Salesforce Partner ecosystem. Here, we will discuss what the partners are noticing in the region in terms of business transformation needs; how organisations are using the salesforce technology to get back to work, and how our partners are able to support customers in the region with their industry assets and expertise.


As one of the biggest challenges the world has faced in decades, the Covid-19 outbreak has transformed people’s lives on an unprecedented scale, impacted every industry, and altered the course of companies’ growth. The pandemic, however, has not slowed innovation—it is actually amplifying it to historic levels. Companies must prove their ability to rapidly adapt their sales and marketing strategies, the go-to-market approach, the way they interact with their customers, and how they operate internally. Online sales are becoming vital, order fulfilment is starting to play a critical role and marketing is becoming more digital than ever before. Moreover, market leaders must be prepared to sustain their position against disruptors. We will share our insights on how our Clients have been leveraging Salesforce to harness change and grow their business at such unprecedent times.