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Main Show | How The Future Works

Breakout Sessions

Discover all the new trends in the High-Tech, Retail, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Public Sector and more.

What is 21st Century Loyalty?

How to build a loyalty program that attracts and retains your best customers? Learn from the experts.

How Trailblazers Generate Change - Live Podcast Recording

Dr. Yuval Dror on a fascinating 1:1 interview with Sharon Goldenberg - Maytronics CEO.

Empowering Organisations to Find Success on the #1 Analytics Platform, Tableau

Understand your customers better and deliver the best customer experience using data: Learn how analytics can supercharge your Salesforce investment.

The Journey to Becoming a Data-driven Business Powered by AllCloud

The Journey to Becoming a Data-driven Business: Learn how Salesforce helps you act on your data and elevate your business. Powered by AllCloud.

Grow Revenue Faster with Commerce Cloud Across Every Industry

Connected customer experiences: This is how Keter reimagined their direct-to-customer experience to a personalized customer journey and generate growth.

Why Every Moment Matters in Your Customer Journey

Every step in your customer's journey has a huge impact on your customer experience. That's how you make sure every moment ladders up to brilliance!

Growing Global with Salesforce. Powered by WEDO

Globalization Methodology: Learn all about the best practices & set of tools, and listen to some inspiring customer stories.

Service Cloud

Its Demo Time! Meet the latest Service Cloud innovations: Salesforce Flow Orchestrator, Service Cloud Workforce Engagement & Employee Experience.

IT, Business,
and Everything in

Trust and alignment between IT and Business is the secret sauce that can drive improved Business Results for the organization. This is how.

From Omni-Channel to Omni-Experience. Powered by BayBridgeDigital

Manage, track and modify orders directly in the service console: This is how Salesforce and BayBridgeDigital helped reinvent Tempo's customer journey.

Empowering the Local
Economy - Panel

Drive new talents at scale within our Israeli ecosystem: Join our Talent Alliances Program to build the new generation of Trailblazers.

AC/DC - Applications Collections for Digital Customers Powered by Deloitte

Learn how Israel Electric Corporation utilize Salesforce platform, build apps and achieve smart customer engagement.
Powered by Deloitte Digital.

*The webinar is held in Hebrew

How SMEs Transform Customer Experience, Grow, and Go Global with Salesforce

Trailblazing security company, Panorays, helps consumers to automate, accelerate and scale security processes.

How to Create Seamless Digital Experiences, Faster, with MuleSoft

About to embark on an ambitious digital project? Learn how to accelerate innovation and time to value with integration, API management, automation.