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Tableau for Sales

Turn actionable data into measurable growth.

Key business insights give you the edge you need to close deals faster and spot new opportunities in your workflow.

Tableau for Service

Score more customer satisfaction wins.

Bump up your CSAT in the changing service landscape by optimising operations with intuitive dashboards and accurate predictions.

Tableau for Marketing

Nail your strategy with data-driven insights.

Optimise your marketing spend and ROI by viewing connected data from every angle. Always find the best messages and send them to the right channels.

Finance Teams

Drop the data silos and static reporting. A clear vantage point built on broad insights and analytics supercharge your productivity and reduce financial risks.

Human Resources

Best-in-class employee experiences happen at safe and fair workplaces. Make recruiting a snap by empowering teams to put data at the heart of the conversation.

Enterprise IT

Manage, monitor, and maintain every platform you control to support business growth. Explore the data to reveal new opportunities hiding in plain sight.

How Tableau can help your industry with data done right.


Tableau for Financial Services

Manage risk with deeper insights.

Use analytics to build a foundation of trust and empower a culture of learning to share throughout your organisation.

Tableau for healthcare and life sciences

Deliver the experiences patients want.

Empower your healthcare leaders, business users, and clinicians with the insights to deliver optimal experiences and better care.

Tableau for public sector

Better understand the needs of the people.

Recognise the challenges faced by your constituents and address them head-on. Get a true understanding of your data and find the insights you need to ensure mission success.

Communications and Media

Recognise the changing patterns of demand and respond by using valuable data to predict profitable expansion strategies and minimise subscriber churn.


Make your organisation greater than the sum of its parts with insights that improve process efficiency, production monitoring, and partner relationships.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Anticipate changing market demand, consumer trends, and customer requirements with real-time data from inside and outside of your business.

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Plan for a dynamic future with advanced sales analytics.


Adapt to changing dynamics with analytics and Al for customer service.

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